The Best Caravan YouTube Channels You Should Be Following     

Here at Caravan Helper, we regularly watch YouTube videos based around the fantastic world of caravanning!

A guilty pleasure for many of us, it’s great to find those channels offering good quality content which we can use ourselves and implement in our own caravanning journeys. The more practical these channels, the better!

Caravan YouTubers are amongst some of the most popular on the video sharing platform, due to their ability to road test almost anything relating to the caravan, alongside visiting some of the most recommended sites throughout the UK. They work hard to offer us a glimpse into the many more possibilities of caravanning in the UK, most of which some of us are still to discover.

They are also ideal for referring to when it comes to taking the van further afield and testing the caravanning community overseas.

After an official census, we’ve managed to whittle down our selections to no less than six YouTube channels which get the thumbs up at Caravan Helper.

Here we’ve compiled them into a brief article, mentioning who they are and what the channels are about – alongside why we personally think you should watch them for yourselves.

Our Favourite YouTube Caravan Channels

Practical Caravan

With well over 20K of subscribers, these have been a great source of caravanning content for many years now. An extension of the Practical Caravan magazine, one of the UK’s best-selling magazines for caravanners since the late sixties, this channel has been running since 2008.

Featuring plentiful playlists that are backed by experts from all over the caravanning industry, here you’ll find videos such as:

  • Caravan reviews
  • Tow car reviews
  • Top site guides
  • Tips
  • Expert advice

Furthermore, they have a Practical Caravan TV episode playlist where you can access their exclusive TV shows all dedicated to the caravanning enthusiast at any level.

It’s worth noting here though that the channel, unfortunately, hasn’t been updated for quite some time now. However, this doesn’t detract from the wealth of information already available on the channel.

Carefree Caravanning

Now, these guys have only been creating YouTube content since the beginning of 2019, but already they’ve amassed a respectable 1.6K plus subscribers.

One of the most likeable aspects of this channel is the raw truth about its creators, Keith and Michele. In 2016, this wonderful couple began their caravanning life, only to have their caravan stolen at the end of 2018.

Yet, rather than let this stop them, they bought another new caravan and began their adventure once again in 2019 – with a mindset to make the most of their journeys as much as possible.

The couples laid back and friendly approach has created a fantastic playlist of videos including:

  • Site tours
  • Tips & tricks (With a video here of 5 Simple Caravan Tips amassing 39K views so far!)
  • Videos about their personal caravanning experiences
  • A selection of some of their liked videos from other caravanning channels

Lost Weekends Caravans

If it’s a more review type of caravanning channel you’re after, look no further than the Lost Weekends Caravans channel. This is designed to offer reviews of caravan products and sites while showcasing several how to make and how to upgrade videos along the way.

Though the channel is sent some fantastic products to review by many companies, the reviews that its creators Phil, Juliet and Alfie put out here are all entirely of their own opinions.

If you can make it past the cheesy music which often accompanies their content, here you can access some excellent in-depth videos including:

  • How to videos
  • Product reviews
  • Tow cars
  • Places to visit
  • Caravan site reviews
  • Caravan awnings
  • End of season caravan sales

The Trudigans

Though we know we really shouldn’t have favourites, the overall office opinion here is that the Trudigans is one of the best YouTube caravan channels right now! And, with well over 23K subscribers, it would appear they’re a hit with many other caravanning fans as well!

Beginning their YouTube life back in early 2015, this is a family based caravanning channel which although aims to help those first-time owners, can indeed be enjoyed by all levels of caravanners. It is perhaps one of the best channels when it comes to offering the more straightforward of advice.

With the ability to create some of the most well-made videos we’ve seen on YouTube, here you can access all you’ll ever need from your caravanning content such as:

  • Hints and tips
  • Product reviews
  • Caravan site reviews
  • Trips and adventures
  • Buying a new caravan
  • Caravan, camping and motorhome show content

The Caravan Nut

Yet another brilliant family orientated caravanning channel, this follows Martin’s journey not as a fully experienced caravanner, but rather one who wants to be able to share his own experiences alongside helping others along the way.

A more recent YouTube channel, this was created in February 2018 but has already amassed a steady following of just under 2K of subscribers to date.

To make things more interesting, Martin has also included motorhome content on the channel, therefore catering to a broader audience type.

With a great personality and good all-around filming persona, Martin does aim to update the channel regularly, getting plentiful hits on his videos in return.

Here you access content on:

  • Tips
  • General caravanning jobs and maintenance
  • Caravan shows
  • Site tours
  • General caravan conversations

Caravan Vlogger

Last but most certainly not least, this is a fabulous light-hearted caravanning channel created by a lovely couple.

Taking a more relaxed approach to the world of caravanning, Graham and Mandy have only been making videos about their caravan experience since March 2018, but with such real honest and likable personalities, we’re sure they’ll be around for some time to come.

Best of all, this is a couple who got their very first caravan back in 2006 and took it straight over to Germany for their first adventure!

Now, two caravans later, they continue to push their experiences and regularly travel around the UK and France.

Responding to viewer feedback and comments as much as possible, here they’ve created some good video content including:

  • Caravan tips / Guides / How to
  • Caravan holidays
  • Caravan product reviews
  • Caravanning in France
  • Favourite caravan channels

Andrew Ditton

Andrew Ditton is a YouTube channel that has more than 47.2K subscribers and 9,801,439 views, so is definitely worth checking out. Although he is English through and through, he says his heart is based in Scotland. His channel covers three distinct strands,

His adventures with his best friend, Dougal the dog

Campervan, motorhome and caravan adventures and reviews

Intentional living, simple living and minimalism

There are hundreds of videos on his channel that range from vlogs and views to reviews. With a real slant on all things related to alternative living, where the motto is “Home is Where You Park It”.

Here We Tow

Here We Tow is the documentation of a young couple who have recently gotten involved in the adventurous world of caravanning. As well as the two main presenters, they are often joined by their extremely cute dog called Fudge.

This is the perfect place if you are looking for tips and advice and solid, honest reviews based on the experiences of the people who have actually used them. They like to test out products and equipment, both new and old and love sharing what they have discovered with as many people as they can.

Considering they have a strong 4.76k of subscribers and have had 735,220 views, you could do a lot worse than paying attention to what their many videos discuss. They have a very down to earth and appealing way of explaining things that makes them hard not to like.

Final Thoughts on YouTube Caravan Channels

With so many of us turning to YouTube for much of our content, finding and subscribing to a caravanning YouTube channel can be a great way of gathering more information and knowledge. Better still, you can even access such content during your caravanning travels!

We’re always on the lookout for recommendations, so if you want to get involved and help your local caravanning community here at Caravan Helper, why not get in touch with us and tell us your thoughts?

Let us know who you think we should be watching, which channels are worth a further mention, and which caravanning YouTuber gets your thumbs up.

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