Swift Caravan Command Problems

If you have a modern Swift caravan or are contemplating investing in one, you may be enticed towards the renowned manufacturer’s for, among other reasons, their use of cutting-edge technology to enhance the experience of all. One piece of technology that has attracted many to the brand in recent years is the Swift Command system all modern models are installed with.

Swift Caravan Command Problems

What is Swift Command?

As all Swift caravan enthusiasts will know, Swift Command gives owners an easy way to maintain, track and operate the onboard systems, freeing up your time so you don’t have to worry about the more mundane things about touring.

This ingenious system is operated and managed on Swift’s behalf by Sargent Electrical Services. It offers you a full range of features, including:

  • Allow you to track the energy use in your caravan, manage the batteries to use them most efficiently
  • Allow you to connect to your tourer from just about anywhere so you can track its location and information about its systems even when you are not in it
  • Control the lighting to tweak it to create the right atmosphere in your leisure vehicle
  • Track your water levels, making sure you keep them topped up
  • Control the heating so you can switch it on to warm up your vehicle while you are out and about exploring, so it’s nice and comfortable by the time you get back

The updated version features a 7-inch smart touchscreen LCD control panel with enhanced functionality. For caravans, you also get the benefit of integrated FM and DAB radio and control over the sound settings.

It’s the app that accompanies the system that really makes it unique and a ground-breaking piece of kit all together for a tourer. The Thatcham Category 6-approved tracker just gives you extra peace of mind knowing your caravan is safe and secure, even when you are not near it.

This all sounds rather good, doesn’t it?

However, not everyone has had a completely flawless, perfect experience when using Swift Command. That’s why we want to discuss in this post some of the most common issues people have had with Swift Command and what if anything was done to fix/solve them.

Common Issues With Swift Command

If you looked at just forums to find out more about Swift Command and whether it was worth it or not, you may be put off in the first few entries. There are a lot of common issues with this system, including:

  • Problems when the touchscreen version, in 2019 models, needs to be recalibrated, as it’s not easy to know how to do this
  • Some of the app functions can be a little temperamental
  • Sometimes it won’t register the right appliances, for heating as an example

Most of the issues people have had with Swift Command that have been discussed in forums and online, interestingly, have been dealt with easily. Usually with a quick call to Sargent. Sargent by all accounts appear to offer excellent customer service and will go out of their way to answer questions.

There are also some problems where the app or the system itself needs to be rebooted or corrected and they can help with this remotely. Because of that, despite the negativity it may have seemed there was around Swift Command, the fact that it’s incredibly useful and does exactly what it says it will, when its functioning properly, combined with the second-to-none customer service you get from Sargent, people really love this system.

So, before you listen to all the horror stories, look a little deeper and you will see that the Swift Command is worth investing in and using.

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