Shallow washing up bowl for caravans

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Almost every caravan will have a sink built in. Yet, when it comes to having a dishwasher installed, it’s more a luxury item and usually a rarity to find in a caravan! Therefore, most of the washing up in a caravan will need to be done in the sink. A caravan sink bowl is, therefore, most practical for this purpose.

Additionally, if you want to do things such as a quick clean of the van or even just wash your hands, having a bowl here makes it that little bit easier and more comfortable to use.

Perhaps not a product which is high on most people’s minds when shopping for the caravan, if you want to keep everything clean and locate clean cutlery and utensils the next day, this is one caravan accessory that is a great buy.

Whether you require a round bowl or small square washing up bowl for caravan use, it’s easy to locate the right shape and size and fit a washing up into your caravan’s sink with minimal effort.

From those that are easily foldable to those that add a touch of colour to your caravan, here are a couple of the best shallow washing up bowls we’ve found retailing online.

Shallow Washing Up Bowls – Some Choices

This fantastic little bowl is available in a choice of colours, from linen, black and roasted red to a snazzy metallic silver. High quality, it’s a hard-wearing model and well-priced.

Considered ideal for those round style sinks especially when caravan and camping, this is a 7.7-litre bowl with dimensions of 34 W x 24 D x 13 H in cm.

Featuring raised feet, this allows you to drain water underneath the bowl itself. Boasting a gloss interior surface finish its material is easy to wipe clean when you finish using it. Made in the UK and backed by Addis’ ten-year guarantee, it’s also food safe.

A durable material, this bowl is also heat resistant to 100°C as well as being dishwasher safe and even recyclable. It also has rim halves that allow you to both carry and pour with ease.

If you aren’t keen on keeping your bowl out on show when it’s not in use, this folding bowl from Summit is an ideal choice.

This cool looking blue/grey washing up bowl has side panels that compact instantly to reduce the volume of it into the base. Additionally, when you need to use it, it can be put up in seconds through its pop-up motion.

Made from durable plastic materials, when it’s in use, it’s break resistant and sturdy enough to get the job done.

Simple to clean, this 37.5 cm in diameter model and 7.5-litre total volume option is perhaps a more accessible choice of bowl to store and transport when caravanning.

3. Sohler Compact Folding Washing Bowl

Sohler Compact Folding Washing Bowl

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With many uses, this washing up bowl is a space-saving, compact, reusable and foldable solution for all caravans!

With approximate measurements of 37 x 27 x 12 cm, this is a modern grey/blue bowl solution which can be collapsed within seconds, folding flat, and placed away when not in use. This makes it ideal for those caravans where space is limited.

When in use, it’s a hardwearing model and sizeable enough to wash a couple of times all at one time. There are also raised feet beneath this bowl to allow water to rinse away with ease.

If you’re looking for a specific bowl for your caravan type, and don’t mind paying a little bit more, the Spinflo grey washing up bowl may be the best caravan washing up bowl for you.

Though it can be purchased for a range of caravans, it’s commonly fitted for Compass, Elddis, Lunar, Coachman and Bailey caravans in particular. Therefore, if you have one of these vans, you’ll be assured of the perfect fit here.

With dimensions of 110 mm in height, 290 mm width and a depth of 380 mm, this weighs 423 grams in weight and is a robust and hard-wearing model which does precisely what’s required of it time and time again.

5. B-Line Square Washing Up Bowl

B-Line Square Washing Up Bowl

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B-Line produces a stylish but thoroughly practical washing bowl which is a fantastic dark charcoal in colour.

With measurements of 30.5 cm by 30.5 cm, this is a 13cm deep model which is a more compact size and therefore ideal for camping.

Whether you want to keep your bowl out in the sink at all times or prefer to store it away when not in use, this more practical of designs allows you to fit many items into it for washing.

Aimed at keeping your kitchen area neat and tidy while on the go, this is a sturdy model which makes a fantastic small washing up bowl for caravan purposes.

Final Thoughts on Shallow Washing Up Bowls for Caravans

Though the common washing bowl for the caravan is perhaps considered one of the most basic and standard of items, there’s a couple of considerations to bear in mind before you part with your cash on these products.

Make sure to measure your sink area beforehand, ensure that you get the right shape of square, rectangle or circle, and check that the depth of your sink will accommodate your new washing bowl.

If you’re unsure about the practicality of having such a product in your van as space is limited, we’ve hopefully shown how even those most compact and folding washing up bowls are worth considering.

Hopefully, this article has highlighted the most suitable washing up bowl for your needs and emphasised a couple of additional features in the process. Whether this is raised feet, easy to grip designed handles, durable material or even a choice of colours.

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