Problems With Thetford Caravan Cookers

Are you experiencing issues with any of your caravan’s gas appliances? Specifically, problems with Thetford caravan cookers?

A growing number of caravanners on some UK’s best-known forums seem to have similar problems. Because of this, I thought it might be a good idea to highlight some of these issues and discuss any solutions found for them.

One owner was having a problem with a Thetford oven. The hob and grill worked perfectly, but the oven wouldn’t light. As the oven was working normally and this suddenly occurred, then it’s likely to be some fault with the gas flow to the oven.

Solutions To Problems With Thetford Caravan Cookers

Here are some solutions that might do the trick. A point to mention for your safety. Working on any gas appliances, being it maintenance, repairing or replacing parts should really only be carried out by a suitably qualified person. 

A caravan has a gas appliance isolator valve somewhere inside the caravan. Usually in a cupboard or sometimes under one of the beds. It’s quite possible the one for the oven has been accidentally switched off.

If it’s nothing to do with the gas appliance isolator, then it might be down to a cleaning issue. It’s quite easy for oven burners to become blocked by bits of food and grease from cooking.

Another thought is some random insect might have sneaked into your oven and clambered inside the Venturi tube. The width of the tube makes it a cheery home for an insect. 

Even something as tiny as a spider’s web is enough to cause a problem with the mixture of gas and air. Instead of it burning blue you’ll see a yellowish flame, as you would on a candle. 

There should be some instructions that came with the cooker detailing exactly how to clean the oven and burners. 

Still on the same issue with a Thetford oven. It might have something to do with a blocked jet. First, go to the back of the oven and remove the burner. Using a small pipe attached to a vacuum cleaner attempt to remove any obstruction. 

If none of these solutions provides the answer, then a call to the manufacturers or a trip to a service centre might be necessary.

Problem With A Thetford Cooker Grill

Sometimes the problem can occur with the grill on Thetford cookers. The oven and hob work perfectly well. If you’re having an issue keeping yours alight, then you should check the thermocouple. It could well do with a clean or you might need a new one.

Do you own a Thetford Aspire 2? If so, and the issue you’re having with the grill is it just won’t ‘grill’ very well, or it never seems to get hot enough to grill anything, this isn’t a fault. Most Thetford Aspire 2 grills reportedly are the same, they just grill nothing properly.


These are the most pressing issues at the moment. If more problems do crop up, then I’ll add them to this article.

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