LED Lights for Caravan Interiors

LED lights for caravan interiors

Lighting can make a lot of difference in the atmosphere of your caravan interior. A caravan that is too dark seems smaller and feels less cosy. If changing the interior (adding a skylight, replacing dark wood and fabric with lighter colours etc.) is not something you want to tackle yet, then brightening the caravan with … Read more

Awning Annexe

awning annexe

An awning is a supplemental roof that goes over a bit of land around your tourer to deal with intense heat inside the caravan and outside. If you are having guests around, need some space away from the kids, or want extra space for any other reason you can add an annexe to your awning. … Read more

Awning Inner Tent

awning inner tent

When you go caravanning, the aim is to get out and about as much as possible. However, with the inclement weather we often get here in the UK, that is not always possible. It doesn’t mean, of course, that you need to remain stuck inside your caravan like sardines in a tin. That’s why we … Read more

Air Awning Pumps

air awning pumps

There is nothing quite like hitting the road in your car and towing your caravan to…well, just about wherever you want, is there? Even if you are so new to caravanning that you have not made your first trip, you can’t deny just how lovely that sounds. The freedom to go anywhere you want, within … Read more

Caravan Dehumidifiers

caravan dehumidifier

One of the biggest issues that all caravan owners have to face is that of excessive moisture and mould. At Caravan Helper we have already covered how you can measure the humidity levels, or levels of damp in your caravan and the effects of excessive moisture and how to deal with mould. Therefore, we thought … Read more

Best Caravan Hoover

best caravan hoover

So, you’ve invested in a caravan and think you have just about everything you need. You’ve got the leisure battery sorted, have an awning, television and everything else you can think of. It’s easy though to forget some of the seemingly smaller and less important items, like a hoover. However, if you are a way … Read more

Best Portable Washing Machines for in the Caravan

portable washing machines for caravans

When you go on a longer trip with the caravan, you will have to start thinking about how to do your laundry. The most economical option is to bring along a portable washing machine. These are smaller and more lightweight versions of your washing machine at home. Though a portable washing machine will never stand … Read more

Caravan Alarms

caravan alarms

Installing a wireless alarm on your caravan door is an easy way to improve your caravan security. In fact, it might even be a requirement for your insurance policy. We’ve put together a list of the best low-budget wireless alarms that are quick to install. Though these alarm system options are not a complete caravan … Read more

Spring Assisters

spring assisters

Spring Assisters For Your Caravan Spring Aid 39-51mm Gap Coil Spring Assister The first product we want to look at briefly is the Spring Aid Gap Coil. This is ideal for providing the support a towing vehicle needs when it hooked up to a tourer. It also reduces the risk of your vehicle’s suspension springs … Read more

Can I Put a Touring Caravan on My Land?

What are the regulations for keeping a touring caravan on your land? Are there property laws you need to consider? In most cases, you are within your rights to keep a touring caravan on your land. However, as with any property laws, there are requirements and exceptions. Here is what you need to know about … Read more