Caravan Wheel Covers

caravan wheel covers

We’re sure like most caravanners you consider your caravan to be your pride and joy – an investment worth protecting. While a lot of attention is given to other parts of the tower, the wheels are ultimately very important as they help you get it from one place to another. Unlike your car, particularly if … Read more

Campervan Storage Ideas

Campervan Storage Ideas

Campervans are obviously a great compromise when you want something that offers the convenience of a motorhome but without the scale and expense. However, because they are much smaller than many caravans and motorhomes, storage space is very limited. Whether you’re here because you are interested in buying a campervan or already known this kind … Read more

Caravan Breakers

caravan breakers

Welcome to Caravan Helper’s guide to the caravan breakers and caravan dismantlers located up and down the UK. Caravan breakers, like the similar businesses that exist for cars, are great establishments for finding parts and components for tourers. So, whether you are planning repairs and maintenance work on your existing vehicle. Or if there’s a … Read more

Caravan Tyres

caravan tyres

Though there aren’t tyres on the market made specifically for caravans, you will need to ensure that when fitting tyres here, they can cope with the requirements and demands of a caravan. Caravans do in fact use tyres that are either made for cars or small vans. However, you will need to establish early on … Read more

Grip Track for Caravans

caravan grip tracks

So, you are in your caravan, and you park up. However, when you return, you see that your caravan is stuck in wet terrain. Or you are driving, and you get stuck in some snow. To get out of these scenarios, you can purchase some mud grip mats. If you do park up in muddy … Read more

Caravan Door Fly Screen

caravan fly door screen

You are relaxing in your caravan, having a good time. Due to it being hot, you open the door. However, upon opening the door, flies and other bugs start to annoy you. Although it may seem like a no-win scenario, there is something you can do. This thing that you can do is purchase a … Read more

Caravan Wine Glass Holder

caravan wine glass holders

We’ve already covered caravan wine and spirit bottle holders. Therefore, we thought it was probably a good idea to do a companion piece covering the different caravan wine glass holder options there are out there. If caravanning and wine go together like cheese and tomato, snakes and ladders and Ant and Dec, then bottles of … Read more

Caravan Bottle Holder

caravan wine bottle holder

What could be better than spending some quality time in your caravan touring the coast of our fine land, than taking your favourite bottle of red or white along with you? We really can’t think of anything. While we’re not denying the pleasure of enjoying a nice cup of tea (or coffee) to start the … Read more

Caravan Books

caravan books

When you’re caravanning, although you hope there will be lots of opportunities to explore the great outdoors, there is often many times when you’re stuck indoors because of the beautiful rainy British weather. All that time spent in your tourer would make you go stir crazy if you didn’t have things to occupy yourself with, … Read more

Caravan Awning Cleaning

caravan awning cleaning

Caravan awnings are obviously great accessories for extending the amount of usable, and, crucially, covered floor space you have for your tourer outfit. At Caravan Helper, we’ve covered numerous topics related to caravan awnings. From a look at the different types of caravan awnings available, including air awnings, how to work out the right size … Read more