Motorhome Screen Covers

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Which screen cover should you choose for your tourer?  Do the “universal fit” ones really work?  When you are thinking about a motorhome screen cover, you need to consider these things. It’s important to get the right cover for your needs, and since different ones do different jobs, it’s a good idea to know about them.

Internal screen covers are a good idea especially if you are in your motorhome in extremes of weather. If it’s really hot, many internal screen covers reflect the light back and thus, keep the cab cool. If it is cold, then the screen cover will keep the cab warm. Internal screen covers can also do a good job of sorting out your condensation problems. Condensation occurs when moisture in the air hits a cold window and becomes water.

External screen covers protect the window screen from frost and snow, as well as reducing condensation. Many of them provide protection from the sunlight as the cab can get a too hot. But also, since they have an insulating layer, they also protect the cab from the cold. All round they are a brilliant idea and work effectively. It is important to get the right screen cover for your vehicle; while universal products may fit your motorhome, it’s irritating when they don’t, and you have to return them.

A list of screen covers for your motorhome

This is a light screen cover for a motorhome, it will keep off the frost and snow. It also is a blackout blind, meaning you can enjoy a few extra hours sleep in the bright summer mornings. All good points. However, one customer said that although he had the right make and model for this screen, it was 6 inches too small. It is worth checking the year of your motorhome, to make sure the screen size hasn’t changed from earlier models.

Certainly, this isn’t the best screen cover in all the world, however, if you want it for the purpose – blackout blinds and frost and snow prevention – it is adequate and a reasonable price.

These internal blinds are effective in both the warm and cold weather. They are well made with a special insulating fabric that has been used for a long time when transporting products that need their core temperature to remain the same.

The construction of the screens means there are pockets of air inside that keep the cab either cool or warm. The silver side reflects the sun, and the other side is thermal and keeps the cab warm. This product also reduces condensation and stops the light bleaching the interior fabrics. Best of all, it stops nosy people looking into the cab!

The product is robust and because of this it needs fewer suction cups. This is a real sticking point for screen blinds – many get bad reviews because of the stickers which become twisted and ineffective. This product has stickers that are made in the US and are high quality; they have tabs on them so you can remove them easily and they don’t need to be licked or otherwise moistened.

This is one of those “universal” products, and as it says, it does fit a Peugeot Boxer. Customers say it also fits a Fiat Ducato Motorhome, 2017, and a Peugeot Broadway motorhome 2012. However, unless you know your windscreen is the same as a Peugeot Boxer, it’s best not to assume.

This windscreen cover it attached by a system of elastic cords and toggles. It doesn’t come with instructions although there are some helpful hints in the answers section on amazon.

This particular thermal motorhome screen is for the inside of the cab. It reflects heat away from the windscreen and keeps the cab warm. It also reduces condensation. You get the windscreen screen and two side window screens.

The product is well made with 5 layers of material: 2 layers of foil, 1 layers of plush fleece and 2 layers of bubble wrap. It has big 5cm suckers that attach it to the windows.

This thermal blind manufacturer says it is a universal fit but mentions Peugeot Boxer, Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter as cabs that it will fit. It is an internal thermal blind.

It works as a blackout blind that is cool in summer and warm in winter and prevents people from looking into your cab. It is a five-layer design.

6. External Cab Thermal Screen Insulated Turn Down 

price check on amazon

This is an external screen which fits on the outside of your cab. It is 7mm thick and has reflective fabric for keeping the sun away and thermal layers for keeping the warmth in. It helps with condensation.

Interestingly this external screen has zippers so you can just unzip the top part of the front window screen and let the light in without taking the screen off. Good idea!

The screen attaches with hooks and there are internal magnets to keep it in place on the motorhome.

Also, it is great to note that these screens have the suckers with the tabs that don’t need moistening, which is referred to in the information about the product. These are normally high-quality suckers that don’t warp or un-suck.

One customer said she was supposed to get 16 suckers and only got 14. Another found that the suckers didn’t work well, and the material frayed where it fits around the mirror. We will be watching to see if that manufacturer comes back with any reason for the downturn in quality.

You can see there is a wide variety of screens available for your motorhome.  If you are going out and about in the winter then you will definitely need a motorhome screen cover for your vehicle, they really do make a difference to the temperature of the whole space available. External screens are great if you need to protect your screen from frost and reduce condensation. They are also good when it snows, and you can just take the screen off and you can see where you are going right away.

Motorhome screen covers are one of those items where buying quality products really makes a big difference. Also, having one or not having one is the difference between waking up cold with condensation dripping from your windows – or frozen to them – and waking up warm and dry. I know which I prefer!

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