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Why would your motorhome need a cover? Well if you don’t use it for part of the year, then it’s a good idea to keep the elements off your motorhome. You want your motorhome to look good and be secure for as long as possible and having a cover will help with both.

A cover keeps the rain off, but not just the rain. It will keep bird poop off, tree sap and other dust and debris. All these things have a negative effect on the outside of your motorhome. While the cover won’t prevent a determined thief, it reduces the risk of theft because it makes your motorhome more difficult to break into. It takes longer when there is a cover on it and that makes it easier for them to be caught.

Covers come in a variety of styles. You can get general covers that slip over your motorhome which come in a set size. You can get some that leave openings for your solar panels, which is important if the power from the solar panels is what is charging your leisure battery and keeping essential things running. If your motorhome is only undercover for a few weeks you might still want your fridge running and even a dehumidifier.

Other covers are made to the style and size of your motorhome. The more tailored the cover the more expensive it is, generally speaking.

Here are some covers we have found that will help you look after your motorhome.

Some Choices

This is a universal canopy, and you can use it for storing your motorhome indoors or outdoors.

The material is extra strong with three layers in it. The weight is 160g/m2. There are lots of straps so the cover won’t move and will stay stuck to your motorhome. The length is between 5 metres and eight metres depending on how much you need, and the width is 3 metres. It is made of SFS non-woven polypropylene. 

This protective cover will fit Class A motorhomes. It is made of waterproof material, which is polypropylene with UV, snow and frost protection. The material is breathable which means it stops moisture seeping in but allows it damp to escape. The soft inner layer stops any scratches or damage to your motorhome, particularly important on the windows.

The integrated zips mean you can get to the doors easily, and the self-adjusting strap system secures the cover on even very windy days. The elastic hem means it has a perfect fit. The cover comes with a storage bag for when it isn’t in use.

3. Maypole Breathable Cover Grey

maypole motorhome cover

price check on amazon

This is a breathable 4 ply fabric with UV protection. It has nylon straps and plastic buckles which are adjustable, so you can fit it securely. There is an elastic hem so there is a tailored fit to your motorhome. This cover is suitable for a range of motorhomes including Fiat Ducato and Peugeot Boxer.

One customer with an Adria 4 twin with awning and bike rack said it fitted her vehicle perfectly.

Another customer explained that if your vehicle is shorter than 6m or not a high-top, then you need to remember there are only three straps across the rear. They can be shortened to try and make it fit. There are straps that go under the van, but they are in the bag, so don’t forget about them. The customer explained that the cover is robust and substantial, and more hardwearing than other covers she had seen.

A customer found that the cover had been folded up somewhere dirty and came with patches of dust and dirt on it. It did, however, fit a T3 LWB High Top with room to spare. So much so that some of the cover lay on the ground. The straps were helpful, and it was difficult for one person to put on, this customer felt it was easier with a stepladder and a broom.

Another customer with an Adria Twin 640 SLB Supreme (without a bike rack) found this was around 50cm short in height and length. So, we know it doesn’t fit that model.

This cover is a triple layer SFS fabric, which beads water on contact. This means it offers real protection against rain and snow. It allows condensation to escape while still protecting from the elements. The seams are tough and have been interlocked as standard. The inner fabric is soft and will not scratch your motorhome. It is lightweight and easy to handle, and the zips on each corner make it very easy to fit.

If you need to get into your motorhome then you can roll up the side panels to get in easily. There are hold-down straps included, and the elasticated hem means it’s harder for anything to get into the cover. The cover comes with a storage bag so you can put it away when it isn’t needed.

This cover has the usual features – it’s water-resistant, it’s easy to fit, it’s great quality material and it’s easy to put on.

The other thing about this is, once you have done it a few times, it’s very easy to get on and off. Apparently, the secret is in the way you fold it. Some customers say the first time it took ages to get on but then, after a few times, it gets easier.

Customers talk about how lovely it is to see the motorhome all white and with no algae or sap on it to clean off. Also, because it is protected from the sun, the seals are all intact, and the fabrics inside are their original colour.

Covers are a good idea and will pay for themselves over time. They are an expense that is worth paying out for. Get your perfect motorhome cover today!

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