Motorhome Carpet Replacement Cost

Carpets looking old, worn out, a bit tired, or you just really fancy a change? But are you concerned about motorhome carpet replacement costs? Well, we’re going to take a look at how some motorhome owners are changing up their floor decor. Without worrying about causing the bank balance too much stress.

Using Off Cuts

This method seems a promising way to get the change and save yourselves some money, doing it.

So, take up the old carpets and hang onto them, you’ll need them in the next stage. Throw them in the car, go to your local carpet store and ask to see their off-cuts. They might have them on display, anyway.

Pick out the colour and patterns you like. Might be best to stay away from the patterned carpet using the off-cut method. It’s going to be tricky to line the patterns in the carpet. And will cost you more because you’ll waste carpet trying to match the patterns.

Use your old carpets as a template. Ask the shop if they will cut out the new carpet you want. Might have to hand over a couple of pounds for the guy there to do it for you.

Next step is to find a professional binding service, to bind the edges of your new carpets. A quick search of Google and I found 20 binding services, and that was in less than 2 minutes. Using this method, I estimate you’ll save about 50% of the price on similar quality ready-made or fitted carpets.

Washable Cotton Rugs

This is another great way to upgrade the motorhome carpeting. Now you will have to remember with this method, it will not be easy for the carpet to be fitted, although you could. But if you have some nice vinyl floor covering, then a rug which mostly covers the floor might be nice.

So after each trip, no vacuuming. Just pick it up and throw it in the washing machine, ready for the next trip. You can find some brilliant designs and colours for about £40 here.

Local Carpet Shops

Pop into your local carpet shop and ask if they’ll do a fitting job on a motorhome. They will probably be willing, as they mostly use sub-contractors to do their fitting work. If they sell Flotex, and they’re happy to do it, get a quote from them. 

Flotex is a tremendous choice for motorhomes, as I’m sure you know because you get the feel of a carpet, the durability, easy to clean and waterproof features of vinyl. It’s a bit pricier, but that’s offset by how long it lasts. It usually costs on average about £30 a square metre.


You might find you prefer removable carpets, so in the winter, you can take them up and put them in storage at home. Other than the fitted flotex, the other solutions will allow you to do that.

You can even fix press studs to carpets if you’re worried they might slide around. Or use a thin rubber rug pad which will work well because it’s not too big an area to cover.

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