Motor Mover Not Working on One Side

A caravan motor mover is an incredibly useful piece of kit that all tourer owners should consider. They can be used to make hitching up and manoeuvring a caravan into place, whether it’s into a touring pitch, a storage facility pitch or your own driveway. Basically, when you don’t want to pull or push your caravan into a particular space using your towing vehicle, you should consider using a motor mover.

A motor mover for your caravan is only useful, however, when it is working properly. After all, the last thing you want, we’re sure you will agree, is for your motor mover to stop functioning properly when you are the middle of nowhere and need to manoeuvre your caravan into place quickly, but safely.

What do you do when you experience problems with your motor mover? Look to us for some great advice. One issue, in particular, that is mentioned time and time again is the motor mover only working on one side.

Motor Mover

A Very Common Problem

There seem to be hundreds of owners of caravans and other touring vehicles that have experienced the same issue – their motor mover only working on one side. Obviously, this is not very useful or practical when you are trying to park up or hitch up your caravan. Don’t worry if that is the problem you are having, because as this is a very common issue, it means people have come across several different solutions. Let’s look at a few.

Check the Wiring

As there are many wires involved in this kind of device, it’s important to make sure they are all attached and hooked up tightly. It may seem like a trivial thing, but if one side isn’t working it could be that the wires are just loose enough to break the electrical circuit.

Check the Spade Connector

The spade connectors are small, but very important little parts that in most situations are the reason for any faults with motor movers. If you are going to check the spade connectors for your motor mover, though, try taking some emery paper to give it a quick clean and scuff. Sometimes removing them and the boots can help.

Often, if this is the problem, you will hear a relay working when you try to use the control button for the side that’s not working.

If not, you may have to replace them, which is not a big deal as many companies, depending on the kind of warranty you have, will send out free spares. If that’s not possible, they are very easy to buy online and offline.

If it’s not the spade connectors it could be the brushes on the motor.

It may be that you have a different kind of problem and have troubleshot all of the above. The best advice we could give in that situation is to contact the manufacturer of your particular motor mover and see if there is any advice they can give. Obviously, if you are within your warranty period still, they may even cover repairs and replacements. It’s worth a try at the very least!

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