Kampa Air Awning Problems

Kampa air awnings are a really great choice for caravanners. Especially those that don’t want the hassle of putting up rigid pole awnings.

Kampa air awnings offer a quick and easy solution to add an awning to your caravan. They are lightweight and pack down to a much smaller size than the traditional awning. A huge plus, because weight is always a factor a caravanner needs to take into consideration.

One of the major innovations that make Kampa such a popular choice is the single point inflation system. Many other air awnings require each AIRPole to be inflated individually.

Because of the single point inflation system, it means that putting a Kampa up is faster than other comparable systems. And with larger diameter AIRPoles, makes them more stable.

They don’t come cheap, so when you hear about Kampa air awning problems it must make you stop and think. Depending on the size and model they can start from around £300 and go up to over £1500, so as I say, not a cheap product.

One complaint I heard about was a rear pole exploding. This was a new, never used Kampa Air 390 Pro Plus.

As with all air awnings, setting up the Kampa with the correct air pressure is something to be careful about. Excessively hot days and the wrong air pressure don’t go well together.

Kampa Air Awning Air Pressures

When he approached Kampa, there was initially a minor problem with what the correct air pressure should be. The Kampa handbook states 9-11 psi and the gentleman had his set at 9 psi, so that shouldn’t have been the cause. However, Kampa now suggests reducing the pressure down to 7-9 psi, when the weather is tremendously hot.

Excessively hot days can be an issue with air awnings. But Kampa claims to test their awnings in the heat of Australia for almost 2 years. You would not expect the hottest days in the UK to come up to Australian temperatures, though.

The problem might have occurred because of a faulty seam, but there’s nothing specific to show that was the case. 

If this happens to you, you might find local stockists don’t carry replacement poles and they have to come directly from Kampa. This was the case here, but Kampa sent a replacement immediately. So good news from that point of view.

Any Other Kampa Air Awning Problems?

Yes, there seem to be some issues with condensation. In fact, one user had to buy an aftermarket roof liner to help solve the problem. 

Other owners have similar complaints to this one. Buying a roof liner helps, but of course, it’s an additional expense. One owner left a 1kw fan heater on overnight, and that reduced the levels of condensation. However, not a really suitable solution.


While there have been some reported Kampa Air Awning Problems, the company reacts positively and responsibly to any complaint. Replacing any parts that have somehow malfunctioned.

Kampa has introduced a Dual Pitch Roof System. This gives more headroom and much-improved weather protection. The innovation deflects wind, preventing water from pooling on the roof of the awning.


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