How to Convince the Other Half to Buy a Caravan?

A husband and wife were asked to describe caravanning. One talked about a leaky, cold, boring holiday, with rain every day and intolerable board games. The other talked about a cosy home, warm and welcoming, with the freedom to roam anywhere.

How to Convince the Other Half to Buy a Caravan

Some Ideas To Convince Them

Both were right.

If you have one perspective on caravanning and your partner has a completely different one, what can you do? What can you say to your other half to make them see the positives of caravan ownership? Here we look at what you can say to turn that frown upside down and help you get them on board with your holiday plans.

The very first thing you need to do is find out the reason for their lack of interest. Once you do this then you have the issues you need to overcome. Now it might not be easy getting them out of your partner, because they will know what your plan is. But with careful listening skills, you can discover a lot about what they don’t like about caravans.

When they first say no to caravanning, you can say something like: “Don’t you want to go on holiday this year?” Likely they will say, ‘of course I do!’

Then, ask them where they want to go. When they tell you a place, ask them what is so good about that? Listen carefully to their answer, because this will contain the issues they have with caravanning.

They could say:

  • It’s lovely and warm and sunny
  • It’s comfortable
  • It’s got great facilities
  • It’s got great restaurants nearby
  • It’s got clubs for the kids
  • We can take the dog
  • It’s close to a relative, we could visit XYZ

Plus, lots of other reasons, they like that particular place. Agree with them about the reasons they like that place in a very non-committal way.

Whatever you do, don’t say: “Well caravanning has got this and that and the other!”

We are playing the long game here. Just remember what they have said. Keep a good mental note of it in your mind and even write it down if you must.

Over the next few days and weeks, we are going to slowly show your partner how caravanning can compare to the holiday they picked. There is no rush. Don’t get too over the top about this or your partner will smell a rat.

Lovely, Warm and Sunny

If your partner says this, then obviously sunshine is important to them enjoying their holiday. We know the British weather is temperamental at best. But you can caravan in lots of different countries. How about the south of France? Spain? You can have a look on YouTube for videos of people who are camping in the south of France, talking about their experience. Try to find people of the same age group as your partner. Look for people they are going to identify with. If you are taking a dog, look for people with a dog. What you are trying to say to your partner is, look at these folk just like you and me having a lovely time in the sunshine.  Don’t say those words!

If you have inundated your partner with caravanning videos already, then say something derogatory about the couple. If you are laughing at them, then your partner may well want to come and see what is amusing you. It’s a quick way to get them interested in what you are interested in.


Some people don’t think caravanning is a comfortable way to spend a few days. What you need to do is find some pictures of pretty caravans. eBay is a great place to look because people do up their caravans to get a better price for them. Of course, we all know that the primary thing is to look for damp damp damp, but there are some people who don’t know that!

When you have found some lovely pictures, then pin them up somewhere. If you aren’t allowed to put things up, then just get some blue tack and ask about putting them up. Whichever way you choose you will be getting your partner to look at them. You want them to see that caravans can be comfortable.

Your partner might be a bit claustrophobic, and if that is the reason why they don’t like caravans then look for an image of a minimalistic caravan interior. It will give the illusion of more space.

I would warn against putting up pictures of brand-new caravans. They are gorgeous of course, but unless you are particularly wealthy, your significant other is likely to say: “£XX, for just a caravan!” 

Great Facilities

There are many, many caravan sites that have loads of facilities. If you have a look at the Caravanning Club website and you will find almost limitless grade five sites. Get your spouse to elaborate on this, because you need to know the facilities that they have in mind. Then do the YouTube trick – wait a couple of days since your last attempt at overcoming their objections and find a video of a caravanning site that has the facilities that they are looking for. Same deal with finding the people that your partner can relate to. If you can find someone they will perceive as just like them, they will be more likely to agree with their perspective.

Never forget to use the things your partner likes to use to get your point across. If your partner loves Instagram, make sure you are on their ‘gram and join caravanning groups. When an image comes along that you think they will like, draw it to their attention.

If they like Facebook, then use that to join groups and tag them in anything you think might be relevant.

If your spouse has another hobby or interest, then find a way to link that to caravanning.

If they feel like caravanning isn’t sophisticated enough, then find a way to get someone who is clearly upmarket in front of them – caravanning is for everyone and you will find people with great big caravans rubbing shoulders with folk who have little second-hand caravans.

It could be they don’t really have any specific issues with caravanning, they just don’t fancy it. They may feel like it is a big expense if you don’t really like it, then it is a waste of time. It’s easy to get around this. There are many places where you can rent a caravan for a week or two. You can try it without spending a huge amount of money. And because it doesn’t have the outlay that buying a caravan and the whole set up has, you can do it as well as taking your regular holiday maybe?

Ultimately, you want to get them on board to see the possibilities for happy travel that you see. So, if they try caravanning, the rest of the decisions can be theirs. So, if they want to go somewhere you want to go to a caravan, put up with it. You want them to have a happy experience so that when you want to buy one of your own, they do not get in your way.

I really hope my husband doesn’t read this because I have given you all the tricks, I use to get my own way, and I have to say, in my house I am successful. Plan out your strategy and put it into place and you will be surprised how quickly your partner comes around to your way of thinking!

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