Flojet Water Pump Problems

One of the best pressurised water pumps on the market and popular among caravanners and motorhome owners is the Flojet water pump. It is affordable, relatively easy to use and can supply your tourer with a steady flow of water through the entire system. Something you really need if you want to take caravanning seriously and want to have access to fresh, clean water, wherever you are hitched up – at a caravan park or in the middle of nowhere.

Given the important role it plays in the safe and smooth running of a caravan, it can be frustrating and stressful when it does not work the way it should or stops working completely. In the following post, to help you out if you ever come across the same problem, we are going to look at a common issue and offer a solution.

Noisy and Loud Pulses

With any piece of equipment, unless it’s a noise making machine, you should always be a little concerned or at least keenly aware when it starts making a lot of noise. Particularly, if it’s noises it’s not made before. Some noises are obviously perfectly fine.

However, there is one semi-common issue that some owners have reported with the Flojet Water Pump. If when you are using the water in your caravan and then the pump has been topped up, if you start to notice a very fast clicking noise, this could be a problem. Check to see if the pump symbol is flashing on the control panel. The sound is similar to a relay chattering and it only stops when the pump has been completely disconnected.

Noticeable Drips of Water

You may also notice drips of water appearing directly beneath the pump.

Whether you only experience one of these problems with this pump or both, it’s a sign that something’s really not right with it.  

What’s the Cause?

Although it’s hard to say, without an expert inspecting it, if the above is what is actually wrong with your Flojet water pump, it may be that there is a problem with the pressure switch.

When the pressure switch casing is cracked, that is what can cause the pump to run intermittently and will account for the drips and the noise.

How Do You Solve It?

If it does look like there is a crack in the pressure switch casing of your Flojet Water Pump, the good news is that it can be fixed, and it is quite an easy job.

You first need to drain the water inside the pump and place a towel or something absorbent underneath it before you fully disconnect the pipework. Then it is just a matter of removing the pressure switch and replacing it with a brand new one.

N.B. be sure to look out for small parts when you are removing the broken pressure switch as you want to avoid any falling into any of the pipework.

Everything should work fine once you connect the pump back up. It may be a good idea to buy a pressure switch casing if you are reading this and have not experienced these kinds of problems yet, but are just making yourself aware of common issues.

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