Do Touring Caravans Hold Their Value?

You want to buy a touring caravan, but you’re undecided if you want to buy new or used. It’s a common situation to find oneself in, especially if this is your first time venturing into the world of caravanning.

If you decide on a used caravan you’ll want the answer to this question: do touring caravans hold their value?

For the first time caravanner buying used is a great option, it strikes the right balance between what you can afford and the best you can afford. 

Used Touring Caravans Hold Their Price Better

We can state this with confidence, a used touring caravan will hold its price better than a new one. Of course, we all prefer something brand new to something pre-owned. But it’s not always possible. 

If you are new to caravanning, it’s a wise choice to buy a used tourer as your first purchase. Many families have bought touring caravans thinking it’s going to be their choice of future holidays, only to find half the family hate it. 

Buy A New Touring Caravan Will Lose You Money

As soon as you buy something new, be it a touring caravan, a static caravan, a car, etc. they lose value as soon as they leave the showrooms.

Once you’ve paid, it’s now used. How much you’ll lose depends on many factors. But in the first year, it might lose as much as 20% of the original purchase price. With the availability of discount deals, when you buy, that might reduce the first-year loss a little.

Remember though, if you come to sell it, buyers know also that deals exist and they will take that into consideration when they price your van.

If you buy used that enormous amount of depreciation will not happen. Of course, you need to maintain your tourer and care for it properly. But if you sell it two or three years down the road, yes, it will have lost some value, but you’ll still get a decent price. And you’ve had the use out of it, which cannot be understated.

Buying A Used Touring Caravan

If you shop for a used tourer carefully, you’ll find some real bargains. So it’s not just about saving money, there are other advantages.

For example, the first owner of your caravan most likely used the warranty period on the van to deal with any snagging or more serious faults, they found. Saving you a lot of headaches, and potentially time off the road, getting them seen to.

Remember, people love to put many extras in and on their caravan. Extras such as fitted microwave ovens, air-conditioners, solar panels, satellite dishes,  just to name a few. All these will be to your benefit and save you time and energy by having to fit them.

Buying used takes some extra work, though. You want to buy something that’s been taken care of and not abused. Don’t rush into buying something you’re unsure about. Don’t let emotion get the better of you.

One thing you should always be on the lookout for is damp. It’s difficult to spot, and if the owner isn’t forthcoming with the information, then it can cost a lot of money to put right. If you don’t fix it yourself, no-one will buy it from you. When you go to view a used touring caravan always take a damp meter with you.

There will always be plenty of choices available to you. Different makes, different models, and every price range. It will not be hard to find something suitable for your needs, in the price range you’re comfortable with.

Think about this, when you find a used touring caravan you like and decide you want it, it’s there ready for you to take away, instantly. There’s no way you can say that about every new tourer you might want to buy. Sometimes it can take weeks or even months for it to come from the factory.

Buying A New Touring Caravan

Having said all that, buying a new touring caravan has advantages for you as well. 

The biggest and best advantage is the fact no-one has used your caravan before you. Many people love the idea of having something new right off the production line. They would never contemplate buying a used, anything.

Which is great if you’re in that position.

You can choose from all the latest styles and designs. Add in the extras you want, the specification you want.

Year on year there are always new innovations to materials, accessories, design styles and furnishings.

A new touring caravan will come with all the warranties. If there is a problem, the manufacturer needs to deal with it and put it right.

New touring caravan salespeople have targets they need to meet. So they’ll negotiate with potential buyers. They can add extra equipment, reduce the price, offer low deposit and even no deposit finance deals.

Some equipment they might offer you for free if you take the deal would cost you hundreds if you had to pay for them.

Equipment like awnings, a motor mover, or an extra leisure battery. All expensive items.

Are Touring Caravans A Good Investment?

People have their own ideas of what an investment is. Which is why it’s not the same question as to do touring caravans hold their value?

Caravanners look at the wonderful holidays they and their families have spent together over the years. Holidays they would probably have never taken without their tourer.

Let’s not forget the freedom there is with a touring caravan. Visiting other areas of the country and even venturing into Europe. The freedom gained from having a touring caravan is very special to many people.

Do Touring Caravans Lose Value?

It’s impossible to imagine anyone making money from the sale of their new or used touring caravan. It will not happen. So yes, both will lose value.

As we mentioned earlier, a new tourer will lose value faster, at least initially, than a used tourer.

But you can mitigate some loss by maintaining your tourer properly and caring for the furnishings and interior of your touring caravan properly.

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