Condensation in Caravan Windows

If you find excessive condensation in your home, it’s not a problem in itself. However, if you don’t treat it properly and in good time, it could cause damp patches to form and then mould might start to grow. That’s when it becomes an issue that can cause you serious health problems and damage to your property.

Problem – Excessive Water – Condensation Around Windows

Given how serious it is to find excessive amounts of condensation on the windows in your home, you can imagine how serious a problem it is to have the same problem in your caravan. At Caravan Helper, we are always interested in trying to troubleshoot for owners, especially newer and less experienced caravanners. A problem we have noted some people experiencing is excess condensation around windows.

If that is similar to your own issues, or you are trying to research before investing in a caravan, you’ve come to the right place as we are going to look at this problem and provide some solutions.

Find Out Where the Water Is Getting In

Before you try to seal anything or organise for a full window replacement, you need to first establish where the water is actually coming into the caravan. It could either be that the rubber surround, or the mastic sealant or the actual window that is allowing the water in. If the window is fine, but it’s the sealant or the rubber that has problems, you won’t have to completely replace the window and could save lots of money.

Water is Collecting in the Middle of Double Glazing

It’s a lot easier to deal with the problem if there is a noticeable entry point for the water. However, if the water is coming into double glazed windows, in-between the two panes of glass – this is trickier to solve. You would first need to drain the water away and dry out the windows, then figure out if, like above, the sealant, rubber or actual window is damaged.

First things first, you need to drain and dry the window. There are essentially two options – you can drain it and dry it without removing the window or by removing the window.

Draining and Drying the Window Without Removing it Completely

The easiest and quickest way to drain the window without removing it, if there is water trapped between the panes is to drill two small holes in the pane beneath the seal.

Draining and Drying the Window By Removing It Completely

It all depends on what you’re comfortable with, but if you don’t want to do further damage or start drilling into things and there is an easy way to remove the window, you should do that.

Then tip it upside down and let the water drain out where it has been getting in. By removing the window you will have a less obstructed view of it and be able to work out how badly damaged it is.

To Call Out Someone or Not?

With issues like excessive condensation or ingress of water in your caravan, you need to measure up what the best solution is for you. IF you are a capable DIY enthusiast, you may want to handle most of the troubleshooting yourself and save yourself some money.

However, if you are less than confident in your ability to fix the problem, it may be worth looking at getting a caravan engineer out to inspect the window. Once you know what the problem is, you can use that information to request quotes for the work from several tradesmen to find the best deal.

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