Caravan Compartment Locks

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A caravan requires careful attention where security is concerned, and this applies when it is in use, and when it is standing at home or where you keep yours. Many caravans utilise their space in clever ways, including the provision of a front locker. The lock on this may be rudimentary, so it is essential you look at caravan front locker locks in order to keep whatever you store in there safe and secure.

The same applies to your gas locker, where you store the bottles, and as these will be – in general – on the outside of the vehicle, caravan gas  locker locks are also popular with caravanners. To help you make sure you have everything covered, we took a look at a few caravan locks and latches that we think will help you ensure that what is yours remains yours when you’re out and about, so let’s not hang around – here are the ones we liked the look of!

Our Chosen Locks and Latches

One piece of advice that we always heed – and therefore offer – is that there is no harm in having a few spare locks and latches hanging around, just in case you should need them. You never know when one might break, or you find that they have been left at home! W4 specialises in supplying replacement locks for caravans, boats, motorhomes and more, and this is one of many models in its range. It acts as a replacement compartment lock – you can use it for any compartment on your vehicle – and comes with a strong and sturdy lock.

Many customers have bought this particular item – we recommend you check the rest of the W4 range for more – and used just part of what is supplied to repair a broken lock, maybe on the gas compartment or a front locker or even within the van itself – and are left with others that will also be of use. For added peace of mind, we recommend you buy a couple of spare locks – whether this item or other – and keep them in your caravan or motorhome, as they will come in useful one day.

Key Features:

  • Compartment lock
  • Can be used in or outside the van
  • Replaces broken locks
  • Not expensive
  • From a reputable brand

Designed to secure the gas compartment – yours may or may not have locks but, from experience, those that do are not particularly strong – this sturdy-looking gas locker lock and the key system looks the part, and has been bought by large numbers of customers. It is alloy construction and comes with a strong key, and will certainly act as a deterrent to would-be thieves when in place. But, does it really do the job?

When researching this popular item we had a good look at customer reviews of the gas locker and found that many gave a very big thumbs up. Even those that had to compromise – after all, not every lock is the same – to get it to work gave it a positive testimony, and only a few said it was not much use – flimsy construction was one such which flies in the face of the general consensus. It’s not expensive, it’s from a known brand, and we once again recommend a couple ready to hand may as you may find a use someday.

Key Features:

  • Alloy construction
  • Strong key
  • Generic locking system
  • Designed for gas locker
  • Good price

3. Ototec 2-pack Chrome Push-Button Door Lock

price check on amazon

For sheer convenience, this item deserves to be mentioned. It’s a small push-button latch that will undoubtedly be far more effective than standard caravan cupboard locks and will keep prying hands away as well as securing your cupboard doors when on the move. They fit doors of between 15 and 27mm, and all you need to do is make a 20mm hole for fitting – all the fixtures, including the screws, are supplied with the pack.

You get two per pack and they can be used on moveable furniture, cupboards, doors and even as caravan locker door locks, but be aware they are not intended as a security deterrent, but to keep things nice and firmly shut. This comes as a pack of two, and at the price, we would easily suggest buying a few so you can make sure your cupboards and lockers are firmly shut at all times.

Key Features –

  • Twin pack
  • Chrome finish
  • All fittings supplied
  • Keeps doors shut
  • Great price and very useful

That’s our look at caravan compartment and cupboard locks for you, and we believe we’ve covered the three main types of spare and replacement lock that you may need. It’s always worth having one of each in your caravan or motorhome, for the ‘just in case moment’, so why not have a closer look and make sure your vehicle is as secure as it can be.

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