What Caravans Do Travellers Use?

The question raised above may seem like a weird question, but it is with good reason that we have raised it. It’s an interesting question really for many reasons. As members of the travelling community spend the majority of their life in static and touring caravans, they are going to have a good idea of … Read more

What is it Like to Live in a Caravan?

Are you in the process of looking for a new place to live but unsure if you really want to pay out for an expensive and crippling mortgage or excruciatingly high rental charges? Perhaps you don’t really want to feel tied to a fixed address and want to explore, or it’s a combination of all … Read more

Electric Bike for Motorhomes: Why You Should Get One

There’s no denying the freedom and flexibility you get from investing in a motorhome. The world, even if it’s just the UK and occasionally continental Europe is your oyster. You and the whole family can pack up the motorhome and hit the road, heading anywhere, with many of the creature comforts you miss out on … Read more

Caravan Compartment Locks

A caravan requires careful attention where security is concerned, and this applies when it is in use, and when it is standing at home or where you keep yours. Many caravans utilise their space in clever ways, including the provision of a front locker. The lock on this may be rudimentary, so it is essential … Read more