Caravan Aerials

caravan aerials

Watching TV in a caravan can be harder than you think. Caravan sites are usually surrounded by trees or might be down in a valley. This makes getting a signal harder than you think. I remember being in a caravan for the champions league final a few years back. The TV kept losing signal and … Read more

Best Caravan WiFi Boosters        

best caravan wifi booster

Updated: February 4th 2020 Using a wifi network when on a campsite has now become a normal thing but the free wifi connections on many campsites can be very slow as there can be a lot of people sharing the connection. This can be particularly bad at peak times. Your connection will also depend on … Read more

Best Caravan Solar Panels              

Solar panels are becoming more popular and they are the perfect option to give you more flexibility when you are caravanning or using your motorhome off-grid. Solar Power is also a great eco-friendly way of powering your electronics. We want to make sure you get the right portable solar panel for your needs and one that … Read more

Best Silent Generator For Caravan

best silent generator for caravan

A portable generator can offer all caravan owners power to those most essential of items when staying somewhere off-grid, or perhaps when at a site which doesn’t provide much in the way of a power supply. However, many people simply like to travel with a generator as their back up option, should they, for example, have … Read more

Best Caravan TVs. Which One Is Best For Your Needs?

best caravan tv

People go on caravan holidays to get away from it all, but most people still want to take a TV with them to pass the time, keep the kids entertained and to binge-watch the latest Netflix shows. All the TV’s on our list below have a 12v adaptor which means you can use the power … Read more

Best Leisure Battery

best leisure battery

Regardless of whether you are a clueless newbie trying to navigate through a sea of new terms and phrases or a veteran of the tourer world. Even if your campsite has an electric hook-up dealing with a leisure battery on a regular basis is part and parcel of caravanning or owning a motorhome or campervan. … Read more

Caravan Side Marker Lights

When you have the responsibility not just of the car you are driving but a towing vehicle as well, there are additional safety features you need to be aware of, like caravan side market lights. If you have come across this term when looking at caravan accessories but wondered what they were or need to … Read more

Electric Hook-Up Two-way Splitter

electric hook up 2 way splitter

One of the benefits of modern caravans and camp sites is the availability of electric power. Most well-equipped caravan sites will have electric hook-up available, and all caravans these days – as well as motorhomes – have powered items that need an electrical supply. So, if you want to cook, have heat and light – … Read more

Caravan External 240v Sockets

When you have your caravan looking great and with all the gadgets and gizmos you will need you might feel it’s time to sit back and enjoy what you have. But that will change when you introduce an awning. An awning is a great idea in itself, of course, because whether you have a big … Read more

Dometic Fridge Parts

One of the most important parts of caravanning is having a working fridge. We need to store food, so it doesn’t go off. Some people might say a decent bed is more important, but no-one these days would put up without a fridge in their homes. Also, it is vital that we have them in … Read more