Best Porch Awning

best porch awning

Awnings are an essential piece of equipment that all caravan owners should own. Here at Caravan Helper, we’ve covered a lot of different awnings on other posts, on this one though we are going to be speaking exclusively about porch awnings. As well as explaining exactly what a caravan porch awning is and how it … Read more

Caravan Awning Heaters

best caravan awning heaters

One of the delights of taking a caravan on holiday is the fresh air, and it’s never more enjoyable than in the quiet of the evening. Nothing beats settling down under your awning for a few drinks or a meal, or to simply sit around, relax and chat, and it’s all the better if you … Read more

Awning Carpet for Hard Standing

awning carpet for hard standing

When you take your caravan for a fun break, you are taking as close to a home from home as you can. You will undoubtedly have your caravan equipped with all you need to make sure you and your family are as comfortable as can be. What you might have overlooked, however, is what happens … Read more

Best Caravan Awning

best caravan awning

Caravans are great in so many ways. They allow you to take a break anywhere, giving you the flexibility to roam the country and taking in the various sights and sounds without feeling stuck at a fixed destination. They are normally equipped with many of the appliances and conveniences you’d find at home, so you … Read more

Caravan Sun Canopy

caravan sun canopy reviews

One of the most popular accessories caravan and motor-home owners tend to invest in is an awning of some kind. However, many awnings are cumbersome and require a lot more maintenance and installation. As an alternative then, you can invest in a sun canopy for your caravan, which is a lighter and simpler form of … Read more