Caravan Wheel Covers

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We’re sure like most caravanners you consider your caravan to be your pride and joy – an investment worth protecting. While a lot of attention is given to other parts of the tower, the wheels are ultimately very important as they help you get it from one place to another.

Unlike your car, particularly if you have a garage or covered area that offers it some protection from the elements or while your caravan is in storage, when your tourer is in use, the tourer is exposed to the elements. That includes the wheels. And while a little dirt here and there won’t do any harm, if you’re away for a long period of time and your wheels are constantly exposed to the sun and UV radiation, your wheels can be adversely affected and even start to crack.

An easy to implement and affordable solution that could save you quite a bit in the cost of replacing the tyres or wheels is to use caravan wheel covers.

We appreciate that this is not the most exciting aspect of caravan ownership, so we’ve made buying suitable caravan wheel arch covers easier by highlighting some of the best available below.

Caravan Wheel Covers (Some Choices)

First, we have this affordable caravan and motorhome wheel cover crafted using weatherproof polyester and measures 65 x 7 x 43cm. It has been designed with 2 eyelets to give you the chance to peg the cover down to secure it in place, if you are pitched up on a soft surface. If on a hardstanding or hard ground, you can always use the eyelets to tie the cover down. Although this product is very simple, it’s effective.

Next up from one of our favourite companies here at Caravan Helper, Bags and Covers Direct Limited, we have their entry into the caravan parked wheel covers market. Made from high-quality and durable weatherproof 560g PVC that’s been reinforced with a UV stabilised fabric, this cover measures 66 x 18 x 23cm is elasticated around its rear to ensure it fits on just about any caravan wheel size and type.

Eyelets have also been used in the design, much like the product above, to give you the option of pegging it down when you are pitched on soft ground and to tie it down when you are pitched on hard ground like a hardstanding.

3. Maypole Tyre Protector Caravan Wheel Cover and Pegs

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Maypole are a caravan accessories manufacturer that really need no introduction, especially if you’ve visited Caravan Helper before. They have a rich history of designing and creating effective and high-quality accessories and solutions for caravanners for several decades now.

Measuring at 65 x 21cm, it has a similar UV stabilised material that helps to protect your wheels and tyres from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. It also keeps them nice and clean from dirt and debris, especially if you are pitched up on soft ground. What’s more, and we’ve not really mentioned this yet, when you use wheel covers in conjunction with an awning draft skirt, you can improve the insulation in the awning, making it more comfortable on those chillier days we’re familiar with even during summer in this country.

As is pretty much standard with wheel covers, there’s the obligatory eyelets, plus Maypole have increased this product’s value by including some pegs too.

Another of our favourite caravan accessories manufacturers and a company that’s been in operation for many decades now, Kampa, as you’d expect, have this entry into the caravan wheel covers market. It’s made from a high-quality and weatherproof 600D polyester and measures 65 x 21 x 65cm. there’s the handy eyelets at the bottom corners of the cover and a pack of pegs to help secure it in place.

Another easy to use and highly effective caravan accessory from Kampa.

Our last product is another made from weatherproofed and durable polyester. Measuring 65 x 21 x 65cm, also featuring eyelets and pegs, you get the picture. There’s not much difference between the products, admittedly.

Do have a fine reputation and are as respected as the other big names listed in this post. From The Netherlands, they have been in operation for more than 40 years and have always been committed to producing high-quality products for reasonable prices and this wheel cover is no different.


So, although we know this is not the most fun or exciting subject, we’re glad here at Caravan Helper that we’ve covered it. If you want to protect your wheels and tyres, help ensure your investment, your pride and joy, your tourer stays in good road-worth condition. If you want to improve the level of warmth in your awning. Whether its for one reason, the other or both, you’ll want to invest in one of the fine caravan wheel covers listed above.

When you are not using your caravan you might want to consider looking at caravan winter wheels.

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