Caravan Water Heaters

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We all want hot water while we are on our caravan trip. We need it for washing and bathing, doing the dishes and a multitude of other things. One way to keep water warm is by using a caravan water heater. Multiple choices are available, including caravan water heaters with gas and caravan water heaters that run on electricity. Therme options use the excess warmth from a heater. One way they do this is by utilizing the heat coming from the pipe running through it. You are using two forms of thermal energy when using this option, making it an effective use of energy.

Boiler water heaters use gas, electricity or both. Electric boiler water heaters use only electricity and keep the water hot for a longer time. If you use a boiler, you get a large capacity of water as well as fast heating. Although all of this may seem like a lot to consider we have gathered the best cheap caravan water heaters. We hope that you will benefit from the information provided in this article.

Caravan Water Heaters (Our Recommendations)

With a compact 5-litre water capacity, you can receive plenty of hot water. This is achieved when the water is being heated by the hot air from the caravan’s heating duct. Although it effectively heats water this way, an additional 300w electric heater is supplied with the Truma electric caravan water heater.

This uses the site electricity to heat the water in case of a lack of a hot air blowing system. Water can be conveniently heated up to 65℃ using a thermostat control. If you need a good therme water heater, the Truma Therme TT2 Water Heater for Caravans is perfect for giving you hot water for doing the dishes or having a shower.

Propex has provided a quality 240-volt caravan water heater with a capacity of six litres. Mounting feet are supplied so you can keep it from falling and you can keep track of the temperature of the heated water. Adjustable temperature is another bonus of this caravan water heater. You can choose the temperature from a selection of up to 75 degrees.

Also coming with this water heater is a drain tap as well as a pressure relief valve and pipe. The power rating is 800w and the dimensions are 312mm x 260mm x 260mm. Overall, the Propex 240v Electric Water Heater is guaranteed to give you hot water with the temperature of your choice.

Get your money’s worth with this feature-filled water heater from Whale. The control panel is easy to understand and has a good selection of choices. When there is no water, it is a lightweight unit weighing only ten kilograms. Insulation is robust so the water remains hot for longer. Due to the flue design, no cover is needed. The pressure relief valve has a drain function, so the water exits the heater to a much quicker degree.

Versatility is an added feature due to the flexibility of using it as an electric caravan water heater or a caravan water heater gas. If you want good value for the money you are spending, then this caravan water heater is bound to enhance your caravan trip.

Another item that is great value for money, the Camplux AY132 Propane Gas Water Heater is a quality item with a helpful extra. This addition is a showerhead. This showerhead uses energy-saving technology to get a higher temperature rise without any increase in the cost of the gas. Only the water necessary is heated to also save money, and the need for preheating has been eliminated, so no more having to wait for the water to heat up making it perfect for outdoor showers or bathing horses.

The structure is sturdy, lightweight and compact ideal for camping outside of your caravan. You can clean the pets, wash the car as well as have a shower, great for swimming pools. No mains electricity required either because the heater runs on two D cell batteries. Maximum temperature rise is 46℃, and the minimum rise is 8℃.

Safety is another strong point of this water heater. Protection against flame failure, overheating and oxygen depletion is offered so you know you and your family will be safe while you are on your caravan holiday. Installation is easy. A handle has been equipped with so carrying the caravan water heater is easy as pie. You can use this handle to hang it or use the provided installation kits to mount it. If you want a safe, easy to install, cost-effective, and cheap caravan water heater that is excellent value for money, the Camplux AY132 Propane Gas Water Heater.

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