Caravan Towel Rail

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In the following article, we will be looking at the different heated caravan towel rails available on the market. You will most likely want a rail that is lightweight, small and able to air the washroom and keep your laundry. These options are just that. We have looked for the best electric caravan towel rails on Amazon and crafted this article for you, so you can select the best option for your needs. Another thing to mention is that these options are environmentally friendly because they use low wattage. Low wattage is something that should be of concern to you, because it will affect the amount of electricity you use, whether you’re connected to the electric hook-up at a site or using the power from the leisure battery.

So, as well as being great for the environment, the options we’ve highlighted for you are also the most cost-effective options for airing out your bathroom, heating your towels and other linen and drying any laundry you decide to hang on a caravan towel rail.

Caravan Towel Rails – Some Options

This caravan towel rail is slim, stylish and optimised for easy use and installation. Versatility is a strong point of this caravan electric towel rail due to the ability for it to be used wall-mounted or used freestanding. The operation is simple and easy too, with just a single on-off switch, you can keep multiple towels drying on this heated towel rail due to the six bars on the rail.

The running costs are low, and it is designed for all-year-round use. You can use it when there is no central heating and it will keep your towels fresh and warm and will dry your laundry, making it versatile, easy-to-install, easy-to-use and an all-round great appliance for any caravan user.

Our next touring caravan towel rail is another great option. You get one continuous bar that uses less power than a light bulb but is hot enough to dry three towels at the one time while warming up the washroom, making it an exceptional multi-use piece of machinery.

The technology of this touring caravan heated towel rail has been designed for 24-hour use, so need to worry about the rail being on for too long. This attractive, easy-to-use, inexpensive-to-run caravan bathroom heater and towel rail is perfect for any caravan owner who wants a cheap and easy way to heat up towels and dry up laundry.

Our next electric towel rail is another efficient option with a continuous aluminium bar that is sure to quickly dry all your towels. Despite the possibility of 24-hour use, the caravan heated rail is still safe and requires less power than a light bulb just like the previous option. The operation and installation of this touring caravan heated towel rail is safe and easy with a simple on/off switch anybody can use it and gain use from it. Overall, this Swing Gate Caravan Heated Towel Rail from Pennine is guaranteed to keep your towels warm and dry.

This rail has been specially designed for use in caravans, motorhomes, boats and other leisure vehicles. There are slide-on hooks supplied with the caravan towel rail for any flannels and dishcloths so you can still make the use of the limited space given with this option. In conclusion, this option does the job well for a cheap price and is ideal for someone who wants the cheapest option they can get without sacrificing quality.


In this article, we have looked at the best caravan towel rails on the Internet. We hope that this has helped you in making your decision by giving a list of options to choose from and giving you a good idea as to what these products are like. Each of these products has different qualities about them, giving you some variety in your choice. Thank you very much for reading, we hope that this article has benefited you as a caravan owner.

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