Caravan Toilet Fluid

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Now that we’ve discussed the main types of toilets found in caravans, we are going to discuss the chemicals that are used to keep them clean.

There are two main kinds of chemicals, blue/green and pink.

Blue/green chemicals are used for breaking down waste matter in the bowl and keeping the waste tank clean.

Pink chemicals are designed to be compatible with flushing water. It has numerous different functions, such as cleaning out deposits, as well as keeping it clean and fresh.

To give you an idea of what is available and to help you make the right choices for your own caravan and the toilet setup, we’ve included some overviews of popular and bestselling toilet fluid cleaner available on Amazon. We have also included some of the caravan toilet fluids that are the cheapest.

Caravan Toilet Fluid and Chemicals

1. Thetford Aqua Rinse Plus Toilet Fluid – 1.5-litres

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The first of the best caravan toilet fluids we want to discuss is this great product from Thetford. Thetford, if you know anything about caravans and the many different accessories, are a big name and popular for a reason. They have a sterling reputation of producing high quality items that many caravanners swear by. The Thetford Rinse Plus Aqua Rinse Plus is designed to ensure the flushing water remains clean and fresh. It actually forms a protective layer that can help to prevent bacteria and dirt blockages and all in all means that you have a much smoother flush.

This next product is from Blue Diamond, another highly reputable manufacturer of sanitation solutions. This is a 2L double pack, that features both a single two-litre bottle of our popular concentrated Toilet Fluid with 24% formaldehyde and a two-litre bottle of our popular concentrated pink bowl cleaner. These are great for maintaining an immaculate toilet and make a task that for most people is quite a nasty, albeit necessary task all the more pleasurable. There is a funny saying you may have come across ‘Blue for poo, pink for stink’, and that is exactly what this product does.

3. Elsan Organic Toilet Fluid for Motorhomes, Green, Two-litres

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Elsan is yet another great brand of sanitation product that is great for caravanners. This particular product, this toilet fluid helps to dissolve waste and also eliminates odours in a natural way, leaving just a natural and very mild fragrance behind. It has the benefit of being used in both waste tanks and flush tanks and is free from harsh chemicals and 100% biodegradable.

From Elsan the four-litres blue toilet fluid is a very strong anti-bacterial solution that kills bacteria and germs. As well as cleaning any cassette toilets and chemical toilets, it does not stain and also removes any nasty odours that may be left behind when the waste has been cleaned.

5. Elsan Double Blue Toilet Fluid, 2-litres Double Rinse

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Our next product is yet another great item from Elsan. this is a double blue fluid for toilets of all kinds, whether they are cassettes or chemical toilets. It has been double concentrated to provide twice the number of cleaning doses, like others on our list, this not only does not stain, but also cleans, eliminates and leaves a pleasant scent.

6. Elsan Chemical Toilet Bags, Blue

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Although these are not toilet chemicals in the traditional sense, some caravanners speak highly of using them. They are a very convenient way to charge a cassette or chemical toilet. It comes in a pot with 18 water-soluble toilet sachets, that are made up of 15 plus 3. The sachets dissolve as soon as they come into contact with the water in the toilet tank, not just killing off bacteria but also removing the odours and leaving a pleasant fragrance behind.

We hope this post has been helpful for you and that you find the right toilet chemicals that work best for you.

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