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When caravanning, there are two main types of taps used for sinks and basins. The first is a single cold-water tap. This can be fitted wherever there’s just the one single tap hole present. It’s then connected to a cold-water source.

The second is what’s called caravan shower mixer taps. Also installed in single tap holes, though the water is supplied directly through the single fixed spout, these taps offer both hot and cold water.

Furthermore, some of these taps can be pressurised, relying on a pump to build up water pressure each time the tap is turned on. Others, however, can have a microswitch fitted inside them.

If you’re unfamiliar with this small piece of kit, a microswitch is merely a little fitting which works by automatically turning the water pump on for you each time you use the tap. 

Here’s a selection of some of the best caravan taps available on Amazon, which can be bought with or without microswitch fittings.

Caravan Taps with Microswitches

1. Comet Single Tap with Microswitch

Comet sells a single cold water tap which is finished in grey. Claimed to be ideal for both conversions and replacements, this offers a hole fitting of 16 mm and a water pipe fitting of 12 mm.  A jubilee clip is required when installing this.

For additional convenience, the spout of this tap is adjustable and therefore can be lowered and twisted. A combined comet tap and microswitch, this model is suitable for water up to three bars.

The microswitch is a three amp and can be utilized either for pump operation or used alongside a pressure switch. 

Customers of the Comet Microswitch Tap claim it to be adequately priced and simple to set up. It’s also considered a reliable product. 

2. Whale Tap MTO111 with Microswitch

Whale’s model MT0111 is a microswitch tap that is finished in chrome and offers a more elite product.

This will connect directly to either a Whale Quick Connect plumbing system of 12 mm or a 1/2-inch hose. You can choose to use this product with other water systems or with specific Whale pumps if you prefer.

With ceramic valves, this is a single lever tap which is ideal for those pressure or microswitch faucets. The swirling spout mechanism is suitable for those tighter spaces.

Whale claim to be the innovators of control electronic pump systems in caravans and believe their pump designs are some of the best on the market.

Customers of the Whale Microswitch Tap highly rate this item as excellent quality and from a brand they trust. The price and fitting experience is also well received.

3. Crusader Single Comet Roma Mixer Tap with Microswitch

Crusader offers a mixer tap with a single lever, which they call the Comet Roma. This comes with a 33 mm microswitch.

Crusader believes this will sit neatly in any kitchen or washroom area, blending into the caravan decor with ease. Thought it’s made up of plastic, the chrome gives an excellent finishing.

This has a swivelling spout offering the full 360 degrees, a ceramic cartridge, and a microswitch. The overall spout length is 250 mm. Its hose tails are 300 mm long and will suit push fit pipework of 12mm. The diameter of the mounting hole is 33 mm.

It’s worth noting that Crusader has been supplying the outdoor leisure industry with accessories for well over two decades.

4. Comet Roma Mixer Tap with Microswitch

Comet Roma’s model is a microswitch mixer tap which is finished with a pleasant chrome effect.

Designed to be able to fit that of a 32 mm installation hole, this also comes complete with 300 mm tails and 12 mm connections. Jubilee clips are therefore needed to install this, not speedfit types.

Offering a base width of 50 mm across and a nut width of 50 mm across, this is claimed to be an excellent choice for the caravan.

Customers of the Comet Roma Microswitch Tap find this reasonably priced, easy to install, and great in operation.

5. London 2012 Single Tap

London 2012 provide a single Comet tap for caravans which is finished in chrome. This is a microswitch tap which is ideal for both replacements and conversions.

Offering a cable length of 300m, this is designed to fit those installation holes measuring 25mm.

With a spout length of 150mm and a 12mm water pipe attached, this tap can also be folded to 40mm, making it a more practical choice. 

Customers of this tap find it a basic model – but one which does the job it needs to do.

Caravan Taps Without Microswitches

1. Whale Mixer Tap with Long Spout

This long spout mixer tap from Whale is an elegance model which, although doesn’t have a microswitch built into it, the company do supply them as an addition in a separate bag, complete with fastening clips and spade connectors.

Initially designed for use with a pressure system, it’s predominantly for use in a freshwater system. This is because it relies on a pump which can be switched on and off via the taps switch.

Made from white plastic, its longer spout offers added practicality throughout. Offering base dimensions of 165 x 63 mm, the below surface measurement is 86 mm.

This model has some great reviews from customers who highly rate its ease of installation and durability when used it the caravan.

2. Atorre Kitchen Mixer Tap

Attore’s mixer tap is a prestige model which is a monobloc product, finished in a visually pleasing chrome.

This is intended for a standard kitchen sink and for added ease includes tap nails and a fixing kit.

A pull-down sprayer made of brass, this is a single lever tap which has a quarter turn handle, designed for easy use.

Customers of the Atorre model find it one of the cheaper models which does the job and is simple to fit.

3. Whale Mixer Tap RT2010

Another Whale product, this one doesn’t come with a microswitch – but it is designed to be used with one, should you prefer to.

Ideally, this is for a pressure system and suitable to use with a variety of Whale galley pumps or other pump types.

A thoroughly compact design, this white model requires a connection of 15 mm pipework and 3/8 or ½ inch hose connections.

Customers of this model recommend this as a good fit in the caravan and one which offers a good water flow.

Final Thoughts on Microswitches in Taps

Many caravanners choose a tap with a microswitch purely because they feel it encourages a better water flow. It’s also worth noting here that a microswitch can be taken out of your tap in seconds and replaced with a new one, or just cleaned out regularly to improve the continued flow of water. 

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