Caravan Shower Tray Mat

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If you want to avoid slipping and leaving water anywhere while you are on your holiday, a caravan shower mat is perfect for you. As with a lot of caravan household items, you get a good variety in the selection of caravan shower tray mats available. Duckboard mats are popular due to their sturdiness and durability, but they can be heavy to carry due to being made from wood or bamboo.

At Caravan Helper, we think that mats that can be cut to size are fantastic because of their versatility. To guide you through the caravan shower mats available and help you decide which one suits you, this article has looked at the best options online. As always, we hope that you enjoy our article and you can get the shower tray mat that suits you best.

Caravan Shower Tray Mat (Some Choices)

If you want to prevent slipping after you have had your bath or shower, a solid PVC non-slip shower mat such as this one is exactly what you need. After using the mat, make sure to rinse the mat out, and then air dry it. The dimensions are 43 * 43 centimetres, and the construction is made from PVC with a stylish bubble effect. If you or your children keep slipping up after taking a bath or shower, then this caravan shower mat is perfect for you keeping you and your family safe and sound.

Kampa is a respected caravan product manufacturer and this shower mat is consistent with their usual quality when it comes to items that enhance the lives of caravan owners. For additional versatility, you can cut this down to size. The icing on the cake for this bath/shower mat is the stylish design, improving the appearance of your caravan bathroom as well as making it safer for you and your family. For an attractive, easy to use and effective shower mat appropriate for caravans and motorhomes you can’t go wrong with this option.

3. VTXWL Camper Bath mat

VTXWL Camper Bath mat

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With a colourful and fun look, high-quality material and construction and a non-slip backing for security, this camper bathmat is perfect for any caravan user wanting to avoid slipping after coming out of the shower. Coral velvet and memory foam make up the main part of this mat, and the backing is made to be non-slip and secure, perfect for being used in front of the bathroom sink while you are getting ready. The memory foam makes the mat a comfortable place to sit. Cleaning the shower mat is easy, as you can just put it into the washing machine.

As well as being cleaned fast, this product dries quickly as well and has seams for folding and storing the bathmat easily. Save 3% at the checkout if you purchase this product for a warm and comfortable place to stand for safety while you dry yourself.

Value for money is exactly what you get with the YISUN non-slip shower mat. With fast drainage gaps and a textured slat-like duckboard.  Spacing between the plates means that draining is done quickly, and soapy water is unearthed with no mould produced. Security is fully optimised with 118 suction cups made from TPE at the bottom of the map. Tailor this mat to suit your needs by using a pair of scissors to cut any additional material across the shower mat.

Cleaning is easy too, as all you need to do is brush the product with water or flush. No washing-machine is even required. Just leave the mat out to dry and by the end of the day, the mat will be able to be used again. After use, you can easily store the mat by wrapping it up and placing it where you want to keep it.

Overall, if you want a quality caravan tray mat that can be cut to size, is easily washed, works well and is excellent value for money, the YISUN Non-Slip Shower Mat with Suction Cups is ideal for you and your families caravan vacation.

Utilising quality bamboo, the Woodluv Duckboard Bathmat is an eco-friendly and effective bathmat. Bamboo is a grass that is the fastest growing plant on the planet, meaning that is renewable and, as aforementioned, eco-friendly. As well as ethical, bamboo is denser than oak and maple, so this bathmat is more durable and lasts longer than similar products made of wood.

Stain resistance is another positive of this bathmat, as well as the rubber feet at the bottom of the mat to enhance security. For an eco-friendly caravan shower mat that does not stain and is an excellent water-drainer you can’t go wrong with the Woodluv Bamboo Deluxe Bathmat.

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