Caravan Jack Pads

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In a perfect world, all campsites and caravan parks with pitches for you to stay at would be level or at least flat. However, as we all know, it is far from a perfect world and there are many parks that are uneven or where there is soft ground.

Having a level pitch is important though because caravans and other touring vehicles such as motorhomes need to be level in order for your experience to be comfortable.

It is not just comfort that a level pitch can give you though, as it can also ensure that your caravan accessories work properly, such as the refrigerator. You will also find it hard to work with any liquids, and drinks in a caravan that is not level.

They fit onto your caravan corner steady to give your touring outfit extra stability. Now, if you’re interested in adding these to your collection of useful accessories for your caravan, you will find that there are various caravan pads to choose from.

You may find it difficult to choose one from the other and to help make your choice that little bit easier we have highlighted some of the best out there to fit on your steady feet.

Best Jack Pads

Maypole is a brand that we have featured a lot on Caravan Helper, as they are known for their high-quality caravan and outdoors accessories and equipment. This pack of four is no different. It has a universal fit so it is suitable for caravan legs of all shapes and sizes and has a wider and bigger size. They have special fixings that make them incredibly easy and quick to set up.

Outdoor Revolution is another popular brand of outdoor accessories and equipment, and these durable and premium quality metal pin caravan jack pad feet are worth considering if you are looking for that extra help when pitching your caravan. The load is spread across the area that reduces sinking. As noted by the manufacturer, this particular set is compatible with around 99% of all caravans.

3. Purpleline Ko-Pads Heavy Duty Caravan Jack Pads

Purpleline Ko-Pads Heavy Duty Caravan Jack Pads

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The next on our list is this great set of Ko-Pads heavy duty caravan jack pads from Purpleline. They have been designed using an extra-strong composite material which protects it against fading and cracking, but also incorporates a retainer-pin made from sturdy metal. As they come with a full five-year guarantee they offer great value for money.

Like the others on our list, these are a four pack that is made from a durable, strong composite material. They are easy to install and feature retaining pins made from robust metal that protects them from cracking and fading.

The final product on our list is another set of four jack pad feet for your caravan from Outdoor Revolution. They provide a wide area surface that takes the load and metal pins, as is common in these products.

Jack Pads FAQ

Can they be left on while towing?

From our research, we found that most people do leave them on their corner feet while towing. Some people have had issues with them coming off when boarding or disembarking from ferries so watch out for that.

How I change my caravan jack pads?

Which way round should jack pads go?

If they have an arrow on then the arrow should be facing towards the front of the van.

How often should I replace them?

They will be good for years and it depends how often you use them. Check them each season but we think they are good for 3 to 5 years.

Will it affect how my awning fits?

Yes, you want your caravan to be level to make the awning fit correctly. If you are not level, then your awning will not fit right.

Can I use wood chocks?

​Yes, some people do use these but we think buying proper ones is a better option.

Final Thoughts

Heavy duty caravan jack pads may not be the first item on your list of accessories you are planning to invest in for your caravan outfit. However, they are definitely something you should consider, especially if you are planning on touring to a lot of different places, where there might not be high-quality and level pitches available and if you have a large caravan. Hopefully, the above post helps you understand the importance of this accessory and gives you pointers towards some of the better models available on the market.

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