Caravan Grab Handles

A dual-use product, many caravan grab handles placed in your caravan will ensure that you can not only exit and enter the caravan door safely and with ease, but also add some additional security measures to your van in the process.

You may find it a struggle getting in and out of your caravan or motorhome, or you may be travelling with someone who has a mobility issue needing that little bit of reassurance.

Additionally, you may want to look at adding yet another caravan security element to your van, working on making your pride and joy as secure as you can possibly make it for when you travel, pitch up, and indeed store it away over the winter.

Whatever your reason for choosing new caravan grab handles, here we offer a small but best-rated selection of four of these fantastic products. 

Caravan Grab Handles (Exterior, For Access and Moving)

Zadi sells a pack of two grab handles which they claim are ideal for use in both caravans and motorhomes.

Supplied as a pair, these are available in either grey or white colours and are claimed to be amongst some of the most commonly fitted items in such places.

These come complete with screw cover plates as standard, but it’s worth noting they don’t include the fixing screws.

With a hole centre of 137 mm, these really are simple and rather discreet for use in the van and are available at a great low price as well. They are also handy as replacement caravan grab handles.

Customers purchasing the Zadi models claim they do the job very well indeed and are used as rear grab handles rather than access getting into the caravan.

The Caravan Supermarket offers a superb choice of door grab handle, which serves two purposes. The first is to allow you to enter and exit your caravan safely at all times, while the second is to provide a small level of security.

Whether you prefer to install this in the back or the side of your van, this white finished kit comes complete with all the brackets and fixings you’ll need, along with two keys.

This is referred to as a lock and grab style handle and a most essential item that gives you that extra peace of mind when you’re away from your caravan.

When this is folded and locked against the door, it works to add an increased security element because it is also visible from the outside of the van and gives you an extra door lock.

The Caravan Supermarket has been supplying the caravan and camping industry for well over three decades now, and their mantra is to ensure all customers have an enjoyable but ultimately safe trip each time.

Customers claim this is a perfect addition, which is easy to fit and offers a good additional level of security while making getting in and out of the caravan simple as a result.

3. Caravan Grab Handle from Caravan Stuff 4 U

Caravan Grab Handle from Caravan Stuff 4 U

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Another low-priced and straightforward caravan grab handle, this one is a silver and grey style 150 mm model from the makers at Caravan Stuff 4 U.

Featuring a black rubber insert, this ensures that you get increased grip and are therefore better supported every time you exit and enter your van.

Entirely straightforward for installation, this offers four fixing holes which are arranged in two pairs at 150 mm and 33 mm centres, with a total all-around length of 163 mm.

Though not specifically aimed at the caravanning market, this is actually ideal for placing in your caravan.

At a fantastic low price, this is a suction grab bar which you can use within the van whenever you’re looking to add some extra stability for either yourself or other van members.

It is a non-permanent solution, which also means you can move it around to suit. Better still, as this is a temporary fix, there’s no need for any drilling or fitting here!

The suction cup used is sturdy, and you’ll even find there are colour indicators that show when it is securely fixed in place!

The dimensions of this suction grab bar are 300 mm in length (12 inches), and the maximum user weight limit here is 95 kg (15 stone).

A sheer safety handle which also boasts a most comfortable of handgrips, this is one of the more simple of products to use in your van and can quickly be released via it switches when removing.

Customers of this grab bar find this a great practical addition, especially considering its extremely low price. It’s also claimed to hold in place very well offering a good grip throughout.

Final Thoughts on Caravan Grab Handles

Hopefully, these short overviews offer you a taste as to how well they could work for you in your own caravan.

We feel that initially, these are ideal products to have in almost any caravan, especially when it comes to offering a more comfortable way to enter and exit your van. They are also the easier of items when purchasing caravan grab handles spares for.

Yet, these aren’t just for those who may experience some issues with mobility but perhaps those caravanners who find they need that added re-assurance when combing back to the caravan in the dark, utilising them here as caravan exterior grab handles!

Furthermore, the additional use of some of these doubling up as an extra security feature is also a fantastic reason to purchase them!

At Caravan Helper, we’re forever on the lookout for those items that can significantly improve the overall caravanning experience, and those that also work on increasing security are highly recommended here.

Why not check out the dedicated security section on the Caravan Helper website? This offers an abundance of information on how to ensure that you security proof your caravan as best as you possibly can.


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