Caravan Extractor Fan

The caravan extractor fan in the bathroom is useful to both extract nasty smells and to get rid of the steam from hot showers. Steam is bad for caravans because it causes condensation, which puts damp on the walls. The walls have wooden battens behind them and if they get damp they rot. 12V extractor fans remove the steam to the outside of your caravan. The most common form of the extractor is the 12v extractor fan for caravans.

Kitchen’s need extractor fans too for similar reasons (as well as odours). Each time the kettle boils the steam will condense on the walls. You probably already have a cooker hood extractor fan in your caravan already. Some people might say they are essential. But of course, sometimes things go wrong with 12v extractor fans and so they need replacing. We look at different ones to give you the best bang for your buck.

Caravan Extractor Fans To Consider

1. Manrose XF100LV 12V Low Voltage Extractor Fan 

manrose caravan extractor fan

This is compatible with wall and ceiling mounting and is fine to be mounted within the splash area of a shower or bath. It has an extract rate of 85m3 per hour or 23 litres a second. It has a four-inch square base.

This fan will require that you buy a transformer to go from 240v/12v, so the fan works. The transformer will have a timer on it so it will switch off automatically. Lots of people have it come on when the light switch is turned on, then when the light is switched off the fan runs for a bit longer then turns itself off.

2. WHITE Rotating Wind Driven Roof Vent Air Extractor for Vans 

rotating caravan extractor fan

This is for the roof of your caravan. One person asked if they could fit it to the side of the caravan but no, that means it will allow the water in. It needs to be on the roof. One person worried that the roof was too deep, but you just need longer screws if your roof is deeper than usual.

One customer said it started off quiet but then got noisy, which is a shame. Other than that, it was said to be easy to fit.

3. Extractor Light 12v 24v Volt DC Caravans Motorhomes Boat Marine Shower Fan 4″ White and Chrome (12v DC)

This fan can work on a 12v or 24v and it comes in this lovely reflective finish as well as traditional white. The fan and the light switch are operated separately and there is a switch, but you can wire it to an external switch.

4. 12V Roof Vent Ventilation Ceiling Exhaust Fan for RV Motorhome Trailer

motorhome extractor fan

This is a ventilation fan that you can use on either a wall or a ceiling and is perfect as a bathroom extractor fan. Only available in white this is quiet and powerful. It works off 12v and it’s easy to fit. It comes with all we need to fit it, which is always great – it makes it so much easier.

Adequate ventilation is essential in a caravan and these are the fans that you need to make sure you are looking after your caravan to the best of your ability. If they need replacing, then you can be the hero that fixes them!

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