Caravan Cutlery Trays

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Despite the subject matter of this article possibly seeming uninspiring, you can find a degree of variety in the different types of cutlery trays. For instance, some of these have been specifically designed for the smaller kitchens and kitchen drawers that come with caravans. Also, some of these have rubber bottoms that prevent items sliding while being in the cutlery tray. The following is a list of  different caravan trays, both specifically designed for caravans, and others that are just smaller than standard cutlery trays. We hope that this article is interesting and informative and will guide you to make the right decision as to which cutlery tray you purchase.

Caravan Cutlery Trays (Some Choices To Consider)

A number one bestseller in drawer organisers and Amazon’s choice for cutlery trays, this ADDIS six-compartment cutlery tray is ideal for keeping your cutlery nice and organised while you are on your caravan holiday. The inners are soft, and the base is slip proof. Your carefully organised cutlery will not move when you take the tray out or open and close the drawer. Cleaning the product is easy and will not take too much time away from relaxing in your caravan.

All you do is remove the labels, then you wash in warm soapy water and rinse the cutlery tray completely. Most drawers will be able to fit this product in without too much bother, so no need to worry about that. If you want a high-quality, non-slip cutlery tray for your caravan trip, this ADDIS drawer is perfect for keeping your cutlery organised and in one place.

If you are unsure of what tray to get due to the size of your caravan drawer, this versatile cutlery tray is ideal. What makes this tray ideal is the fact that you can adjust the expendable tray built for loose items, then you can securely lock the tray so it can stay the way you want it while it remains in the kitchen drawer. Four deep-sized compartments, as well as the mentioned extendable tray and an area for larger items, are built into this tray keeping all your knives, forks and spoons easy to find and well-organized. For keeping cutlery organised and making sure that you have a tray that fits your drawer, this product has been designed by Joseph and is guaranteed to help you in those regards.

Kampa is a respected caravan company who no doubt applies their usual quality-optimising approach to the world of cutlery trays. While you are in your caravan, this tray will keep your cutlery beautiful-looking and organised well so you can reach for things better and enjoy what you see every single time you open your drawer during your caravan holiday. Plenty of room is what you get when you purchase this tray designed for caravans, despite its small size designed for smaller drawers. Overall, with this caravan cutlery tray, you have a spacious product that fits caravan drawers perfectly and keeps all your cutlery organised and secure.

Our final item is another product specifically designed for caravans and motorhomes; this tray slides out from both sides to fit inside all sizes of drawers of your caravan. Durability is a strength of this tray. The plastic is thicker compared to other cutlery trays of similar prices, making the tray strong and sturdy as opposed to being cheap and rubbish. To conclude, the Camco Adjustable Cutlery Tray is sturdy, strong, durable and versatile due to its adjustable nature.

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