Caravan Curtain Tracks

When you get a new pair of curtains, you need the right curtain track so that your curtains can hang properly. Caravan curtain tracks are perfect for that reason. These tracks are specifically designed for caravans, so you know that they will suit your needs. In this article, we will look at the best options regarding these, then we will look at a few accessories and spare parts. We hope that you find this article helpful in choosing the product that will get your caravans hanging properly so they can make your caravan look as good as possible.

Caravan Curtain Tracks (Some Choices)

1. Campervan / Motorhome Silent Gliss Curtain Track

With its components made of top-grade nylon, this Silent Gliss curtain track is one of the best in the market, with some even saying it is the best available. Used in both the commercial and contract markets, this kit comes with all the gliders and end-stops necessary. Its length is 1.2 metres and after every 30 centimetres, a quarter of its length, the rail has been pre-drilled. Save 5% when you purchase one of these as well as another qualifying product from Green Country Hardware. If you want a popular, effective caravan curtain rail from a respectable company, then this caravan curtain track is bound to make you a happy customer.

2. C2B 500cm (196″) Plastic Curtain Track

Versatility and quality are just two of the reasons why this is such an excellent curtain rack. No matter the size and shape of your window, you can use it with this product. For ceilings, use the top of the bracket. You can also use the top of the bracket with medium weight curtains but use more brackets for heavier curtains. Six end stops, extra curtain hooks, and track joiners if you find them necessary are supplied. Also supplied are 18 keylock supports, and 48 running gliders, so you will have absolutely everything you need to get the track up and running.

Flexibility is another quality guaranteed with this product. This comes from the bendable nature of the caravan curtain track, so you can ensure it can properly go around bays and corners. Despite it being flexible, it is still strong and sturdy ensuring maximum stability. Clip-on gliders with hooks integrated make sure that the whole thing is as secure as possible and runs well, and for wall fixes, the brackets attach to the ceiling by screwing up and fix to the walls by screwing to the back of the bracket.

Installation is easy and is available on the Amazon product page. Mark the supports at an equal distance and fix them. If the length is longer than desired, trim the plastic. Slide the track into the end cover and secure it by tightening the screw behind the end stop. After that, you must make sure the keylock supports are in the unlocked position and clip the track on to the supports. Hook the gliders through the tape and the curtain over the end-stop so it finishes looking nice and tidy.

Overall, if you want a product that is easy to set up, durable, does the job to a highly effective degree, and can be used in a variety of situations, this C2B is bound to keep you satisfied.

3. Caravan Curtain Hanging Popper Tape

If you want a product that is easy to sew and keeps your curtains secure, this caravan curtain popper track is for you. You might be caught off about sowing it due to its thick durable nature, but with a leather needle on a machine, it will be easy. This tape is sold by the metre, so you can purchase as much as you require, and the width is 25 millimetres. All of this comes at an excellent price. Overall, the Caravan Curtain Hanging Popper Tape from Aesthetix is affordable, easily sewn and guaranteed to keep you happy.

4. EsportsMJJ 3 Meter Cuttable Bendable Curtain Track Rail

Adjustability, flexibility, and changeability are some of the key features of this option. Its length of three metres should be enough for your bay windows, and if that is too much you can cut the track rail. For versatility, nine top clamping plates and nine side clamping plates have been supplied, so the track will be able to meet different needs. Sheet steel is integrated into the rail, which makes it even stronger. As well as being durable and sturdy, the product is operated easily, and the flexibility means it can endure bending. If you want a versatile, flexible and durable caravan curtain track, then this option from EsprtsMJJ is guaranteed to improve your life as the owner of a caravan.


Unfortunately, sometimes things aren’t packaged properly, or they break. If that happens, you do not need to necessarily buy a new product. Instead, you can likely just buy a new accessory. We have a few hooks and gliders for that we will look at so you know what to do if you need extra materials. Fortunately, these accessories are not too expensive. We hope that the previous half of the article was informative and that this next bit is informative too.

1. 50PCS Curtain Track Set

Anladia has produced a set of high-quality gliders for your curtain tracks that are sure to keep you satisfied. Each glider has a good size. The overall length of each of these gliders is 18mm, the diameter is 9mm, and the slot-in glider is 4mm. Integrated into each glider is silicone, so operation is as smooth as possible. 50 quality gliders are supplied, so you should have all the pieces you require. All in all, these gliders do exactly what you need them to do to an effective degree, so you know your curtain tracks will work the way you want.


Our next product is a set of hooks for attaching curtain tape to gliders. These are from Silent Gliss, who have produced a curtain track mentioned earlier. Durable and sturdy, high-quality nylon is what is used to make these gliders as strong as possible. Specifically optimised for caravans, these hooks are perfect for you to keep your curtain track as secure as possible. If that is what you require, these Silent Gliss hooks will make you a happy customer.

3. 2 Silent Gliss Twist and Turn Curtain Track End Stops

High-quality metal and plastic are the materials used to construct these high-quality Silent Gliss products. The twist and turn mechanism make it an easy-to-use product, and the end stops can be for a range of different caravan tracks. 1011, 1012, 1021, 1025, 1080, 1090 and 3000 are all the models these are suitable for. Silent Gliss has further proved their worth with this amazing set of caravan curtain track end stops. Overall, with this set of end stops to ensure your caravan curtains rail fittings are as secure as possible.

4. Swish Visa End Stop Curtain Track Fittings

Swish Visa has produced a pair perfect caravan curtain track end stops that are guaranteed to ensure that your curtain tracks working as well as they possibly can. Just like the other options, these end stops are made from quality materials so they can do the job as well as they can. If you need something that can do the job at an affordable price, Swish Visa have the perfect product for you.

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