Caravan Cupboard Storage

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How to Keep Your Caravan Cupboard Storage Organised

Space is limited inside a caravan so you want to make the most out of your cupboard storage. Our tip is placing a few organisers inside your caravan cupboards to maximise how much of the space you can actually use.

Don’t worry about having yet another thing to install in your caravan before your next trip. There are loads of racks, baskets and other types of caravan cupboard storage solutions available that are already set up. All you need to do is put them inside.

Here are a few of our favourite caravan cupboard storage ideas. They save a lot of space in the caravan kitchen cupboard storage so that you can bring along more supplies on your caravan trip.

This pack of four polypropylene organisers are ideal for keeping your caravan refrigerator organised and clean. Simply store similar foodstuffs in the same organiser so that you always have an overview of what is inside your caravan refrigerator. Of course, these organisers can also be used in you caravan cupboards or on the caravan kitchen counter tops.

They have a ventilating design to make sure all the food stays fresh. This is especially handy for fresh produce like fruits and vegetables. The organisers are easy to clean; just give them a quick rinse after you are back from your caravan trip.

Another benefit for using these food organisers for caravan kitchens is that you can easily pull them out and take them elsewhere. Easily gather all your caravan kitchen supplies from the house into these organisers and take back out whatever is left in the refrigerator after the caravan trip.

The first to get messy because it feels so natural to just dump everything inside one. If your caravan drawer space is reasonably deep, then consider getting this set of caravan kitchen drawer organisers that are 14 cm deep. They are a simple way to keep your drawers organised with minimal effort.

These small ventilated organisers also work well as a caravan cupboard storage solution. They come with a small handle on the side so that you can pull them out of the caravan cupboard easily. This is also a caravan storage solution for cupboards that are high up and difficult to reach. The handle on the organisers makes it easier to pull out of hard to reach places.

Adding a storage rack is made easy with the Home Treats Wire Add a Shelf Insert that is already assembled for you. This storage rack for inside caravan cupboards gives you double the storage space.

Caravan cupboard storage racks should be strong enough to hold heavier caravan kitchen items like pots, cups and food cans and this caravan storage rack definitely is. It is made of thin metal wires and stands on four stable feet. Its dimensions are 21 x 41 x 15 cm which is a good size for most caravan cupboards.

We do recommend placing this rack inside your caravan cupboard as it does not have any hooks or other installation fixtures. This means that it can move around when you are on the road. The last thing you want is to have food flying around the caravan when you are driving.

There is one potential storage space inside the caravan that many people tend to forget. We are talking about all the doors and cupboard doors inside a caravan. A caravan is full of doors so why not make them multifunctional with these elastic caravan storage nets that you can hang on the door.

Install these caravan cupboard door storage nets with a few screws and it is secure as ever. The nets are 30 x 17 cm which is a good size for all the small items you are never sure of where to place. Think of socks, books and toiletries.

This elasticated net is definitely one of our top caravan cupboard storage ideas. They are simple to install and keep all the items from moving around loosely. These are also useful for adding extra storage space outside of the caravan cupboards. You can also install them on the caravan walls.

5.  Set of 4 Quilted Plate Protectors

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All caravanners dread the sound of plates and glasses shattering inside the cupboards. This caravan cupboard storage solution prevents that from ever happening. This set of two dinnerware storage cases is made of thick quilted microfibre with padding and lining. It is like a safety jacket for your caravan plates.

The set comes with caravan dinnerware storage cases in two sizes: 10 inches and 12 inches diameter. This is a standard size for both small starter plates and larger dinner plates. The padding in the dinnerware cases allows you to stack them to save space.

You can also use these dinnerware cases for storing other caravan kitchen items such as cups, glasses and cutlery. Treat them like a handy soft picnic basket that fits inside your caravan cupboards.

Each case comes with a little label space. We recommend getting several sets and giving each the correct label so you always have an easy overview of what is inside your caravan cupboard storage space.

These were our top tips for organising your caravan cupboard storage space. As you can see, they are all very simple caravan cupboard storage solutions that maximise the space in your caravan.

When you are staying in a small space like a caravan, using well organised caravan storage ideas helps to keep the entire trip more pleasant. It gives you a better overview of all the supplies inside the caravan and makes keeping the caravan clean easier, as well.

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