Caravan Clothes Airer

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You have to face the problem of damp and wet clothes on holiday, whether they are dirty or clean and regardless of whether you are going away for a few days or a few weeks.

Even if you have no intention of using a washing machine at all for the entire time you are away, it is more than likely that circumstances will present themselves with you needing to dry clothing.

What do you do in that situation? Unless you have managed to fit a tumble dryer into an already cramped kitchen and utility space in your caravan or intend on using the facilities available to you at the parks you visit, the most economical way to deal with the issue of wet clothes would be to hang them up.

With space being so limited in caravans though, you need to be a bit smart about how you hang clothes up to dry – which is why you need to invest in a caravan clothes airer.

If you have looked at what’s available and are unsure which to choose or you don’t even know where to start looking for one, we are here to help.

On this page you will find a guide to what we feel are the best caravan clothes airers available.

Caravan Clothes Airers (Some Of Our Top Picks)

First on our list is the Folding Clothes Utility Over Door Airer from JVL. JVL is a company that have been in business for over 30 years and have spent that time as an industry leader when it comes to providing households with well-made, practical and innovative products.

This caravan clothes airer is constructed from steel with a powder coating to increase its robustness and durability. It is incredibly easy to set-up over the top of a door, thanks to the 2 hooks, making it ideal for hanging clothes that need to dry while you are out in the middle of nowhere caravanning.

It provides you with a total of 7 metres drying space and folds flat when it is not in use, meaning it can be easily stored away.

At such a low price, and with the JVL branding on it, this is a bargain that we feel is worth considering.

Minky consider themselves to be the leading manufacturer in the UK when it comes to laundry and home-ware goods and accessories. With a history that stretches back as far as 1941, it is hard to argue with the facts. They are known for producing products right here in the UK, for people in the UK and this free-standing airer is another fine example of what they are capable of.

It has been made from robust, high quality metal and has weatherproofing that make it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. With 15 metres of drying space, it gives you the benefits of drying on a rotary-style airer, in a more compact form.

The design includes reinforced moulded joints to provide the structure with additional strength and a tripod base to ensure it has a solid foundation. No assembly is required as it simply folds out when you need to use it and folds back into a compact shape when you are finished with it.

We feel that this may be an especially good for a caravan portable clothes airer.

3. Home Vida Compact Caravan Window Clothes Airer

Home Vida Compact Caravan Window Clothes Airerprice check on amazon

The Home Vida Compact Utility Airer is the next item on our list and has a very modern and clean looking design. There’s not much else to say about this airer other than offers an adequate amount of drying space, is foldable so can be easily stored away and is simple to set-up as it hooks over the top of any available door.

For the price and the reviews, it is a good value item.

Next on our list is the super SupaHome Caravan clothes Airer. This is a relatively simply design similar to the over door designs above. Though this can be used on the outside of your caravan. It is worth noting that because of changes to the design made by the manufacturer, it may not look quite the same as it does in the picture.

If any of the above are perhaps too big, not suitable or you just want a little more drying space, you should give this some serious consideration. The second appearance by JVL on this list, comes in the form of this very nifty and compact radiator caravan clothes airer.

It is fairly self-explanatory – you unfold it and hang it over the top of a radiator to benefit from a full 3 metres of drying space. It can even be adjusted to fit the width of your radiators and has a nice elegant finish of white with blue arms.

When you are done with it, you can simply fold it up and store it away out of sight. Considering its extremely low price tag and the fact it is made by JVL makes this a very good product indeed, in our humble opinion.

6. Caravan Over Door or Window Caravan Clothes Airer

Caravan Over Door or Window Caravan Clothes Airerprice check on amazon

Another similarly designed caravan clothes airer that fits over the door or a window and provides you with a total of 7 metres of drying space.

This item is made from a relatively strong wire construction and folds away into a nice compact and flat shape making it easy to store away when it is not in use.

The second item from Minky on our list is this nicely designed and manufactured 3-tier airer. Bigger than many of the others on this page, this Minky airer provides you with a total of 21 metres of drying space.

This would be best suited to a larger caravan or if you are intending on taking a long trip in your caravan and will need to dry a lot of clothes regularly. Thanks to the wider rungs, the airflow is increased and there are flip out corners that give you 12 extra spaces to use hangers with for drying additional clothes.

It had very strong moulded joints, like the other Minky product, that increases its robustness and there is a double locking mechanism that means it will not fall down or collapse very easily.

However, when it comes to storing it away, it folds into a nice and flat package.

Although it is more expensive than many of the other airers featured on this page, the branding and drying space make it a worthy investment.

Our final item is also the third item we are discussing from JVL. If you do not want to hang anything over your caravan doors, or simply need supplementary drying space, this double winged airer might be ideal for your laundry needs.

It offers a total of 18 metres of line space without taking up too much space and easily folds down into a flat and compact unit when you are not using it. It even includes a locking mechanism that prevents it from being collapsed by accident.

The JVL branding is testimony to the fact that it has a very strong build and money spent on this, if it meets all your laundry needs, would be money well spent.

Caravan Washing Line

Perhaps you would rather not have a clothes airer taking up space in your tourer or awning setup. A great space-saving solution that you can invest in is a caravan washing line. These help to give you floor space while providing a place to allow your wet clothing and garments to dry. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve washed them or simply got them wet while you you’ve been out and about.

To give you some options to choose from, we have selected four great caravan washing lines. You will find that as well as being affordable, they are all practical and compact.

The first product we want to talk about is the flexible caravan washing line from TRIXES. It’s made from high-quality and durable metal that has been coated with a water-resistant PU coating. This makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It is 1.8-metres in length and comes complete with 12 pegs. This gives you enough room to hang a reasonable number of items and can be suspended just about anywhere using the tough steel hooks at either end. We would recommend though that you only use it to hang lightweight clothing like vest tops, nighties, tights, scarves, trunks, swimming costumes, t-shirts and underwear.

Next in our guide is this travel washing line from EpicTraveller. Although it measures 1.25-metres in length, it can stretch up to 3-metres. That means that you have a lot of space to fit a large volume of clothing at once. There are two hooks at either end of the line and suction attachments that mean you can hang it just about anywhere. Unlike other products, this does not come with pegs. Instead, you just push wet clothes between the twines, and it will keep them in place, allowing them to dry. Although pegs don’t account for much space really, this still makes this washing line that little bit more compact.

Go Travel are behind the next product. The Pegless Washing Line is similar to the above product as you just need to slide the edges or hems of garments between its twines and it will hold them in place. This model though is a tiny bit more expensive, but you still get a flexible clothing line that can stretch up to 2.5-metres. As well as being able to tie it around different parts of your caravan, awning and the site in general, it also features the obligatory hooks and practical suction cup attachments so it can be affixed easily to flat surfaces.

4. solotrekk Multi-Fix Travel Washing Line

price check on amazon

Last on our list is the Multi-Fix washing line made by solotrekk. Like the others we have featured, it comes with both hooks at suction cup attachments that can be used at either end to secure it to a wide variety of surfaces. Also, similarly, it has a clever pegless design, so you don’t need to worry about losing pegs, you just slip it in between the twines of the line to secure them in place so they dry and have no chance of falling. It stretches to 2.5-metres long, which is more than enough and even comes with a handy protective bag to keep it in when it’s not in use.

Even if you want to primarily use a clothes airer while away on holiday to hang wet clothes and garments, you could still invest in a caravan washing line. Not only will it give you additional hanging space around the site, you could also use it if you take a day trip or are away from the caravan pitch and site for any reason and need to hang dry anything.


While we would all rather leave the laundry chores until we got home, drying clothes is a necessity that you need to accommodate for when on the road or caravanning out in the middle of nowhere. Particularly if you are caravanning in the UK, where rain is never very far away.

With that in mind, we hope the list above helps you find a suitable caravan airer that will provide you with the drying space you need and the folding compactness to prevent too much of your valuable floor and living space from being taken up. If you need more tips take a look at our article on how to get your washing done while living in a caravan.

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