Best Caravan and Motorhome Bins

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One of the keys to making your caravan and motorhome as comfortable is utilising the available space as best you can. How do you handle the issue of having suitable places to store waste and rubbish without using up too much of the limited space you have?

If you or you and your partner/friend/travelling companion are the only two people using a caravan, it may not be as big of an issue to have a normal bin that you would have in your kitchen at home. However, if your travelling party is bigger, you need to start thinking of how to save as much floor space and space in general as possible.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there. The best and easiest way to deal with rubbish generated while using a caravan is to invest in a waste bin that can be attached to the inside of cupboard doors. These normally don’t even require any screws and although they are quite small, who really wants to have a huge 5-litre bin full of rubbish in such a small space as a caravan anyway?

If you do a quick search for the best caravan bins online, you will see that there are hundreds and hundreds out there. To help save you the time of searching through all of these looking for the best, we have put together a brief guide to what we feel are the best caravan bins available.

Top 7 Caravan Bins

First on our list is the Caravan Door Mounted Rubbish Bin. This is a very affordable and easy to use a bin that as the name suggests can be mounted to a door, either on the inside or the outside. What is more to say really than that? For a no-thrills, gets the job done space-saving bin, this is a great option.

Brunner is a popular European-based manufacturer with around 50 years of experience in creating and producing practical and functional items that make life easier for campers and caravans.

The Brunner Pillar XL door bin is a great example of their attention to detail and approach to designing everyday items. With a volume of 10 litres, it is more than enough for the average-sized caravan and comes with a mounting plate and screws to help attach it to a suitable door.

Stylish and functional and perfect for the inside of a cupboard.

The next item we want to draw your attention to is the Brabantia Built-in 10 litre waste bin. Brabantia is a long-running and extremely popular brand of housewares goods and accessories, that have been in business since 1919 when it was first established in Aalst in The Netherlands. It was a family company back then and remains a family company down to this day.

As it has been constructed using corrosion-resistant components and materials, it is perfect for use in a caravan and thanks to the mounting bracket, can be attached very easily to the back of a cupboard door.

Streetwize are another successful, reputable and very popular manufacturer and supplier of caravan and camping equipment and accessories.

This is a very compact looking thing that can be collapsed for easy storage when not in use. It also comes with a pack of 10 bin liners. Easy to use and set-up and does not take up too much space at all. For the price, considering the brand and the bin liners, we reckon this is a pretty good deal. We feel this one is best suited for use in awnings as its a bit bigger than the others

5. Brunner DCC Caravan Waste Door Bin

Brunner DCC Caravan Waste Door Binprice check on amazon

The second Brunner item on our list is a slightly smaller version of the plastic bin noted earlier. This only has a volume of 5.5 litres and can be attached to the back of a cupboard door either using doubled-sided sticky tape or screws. The well closing lid prevents your waste from attracting flies and keeps those bad odours at bay.

Another quality solution from a quality brand name.

Another great product, another great pillar hanging door bin. Like the others on this list, this bin can be easily attached to the back of a cupboard door in your caravan’s kitchen using the supplied hooks.

It features a hinged lid, is made from robust and long-lasting plastic that is easy to wipe clean. Most importantly, it will ensure you are not wasting any space. We recommend putting a carrier bag inside.

From InterDesign, our last item is a lot cheaper than the rest and it is not hard to see why. This is a very simplistic and minimalist product that consists of a stand that can fit into the cupboard under a sink or any other unused caravan cupboard to store your rubbish out of sight and mind.

Although its a bit bare and looks incomplete, it is actually good if you are trying to reduce your waste and want to use those plastic bags you keep accumulating.

This is such a basic bin, but we really like it. There is nothing fancy about it. You simply put the bin bag inside the clip and clip it in. If you are just going away for a weekend and don’t have a lot of rubbish to store then this could be for you. Maybe this one could be used for your recycling rubbish? Or maybe it would suit a campervan where space is even tighter.

When doing our research we did see that some people said that it was not made for heavy items and the snap clip might struggle to hold it.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks, there is not a lot else that can be said on the matter. We feel at Caravan Helper that any of the products above would be a worthy choice to take on the road with you in your caravan.

What more do you need from a caravan bin? A hinged lid that closes securely, some kind of mounting for attaching it to the back of a cupboard door and a compact construction from durable and easy to clean materials?

You will find that most of the items above have all of these important features. It will just be down to your own personal taste and preference which you choose, as far as we can tell.

We hope though that this has been a helpful post and you find the best caravan bin for you.

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