Caravan Awning Furniture

Furniture is a fantastic way of improving the appearance of the awning of your touring caravan and enhancing your overall holiday experience. This article will be looking at different caravan awning furniture ideas that can do just what I mentioned. Subjects that we will be looking at include recliner chairs, awning table and chair sets, inflatable awning furniture and footrests. After much research, here are the best of each of these categories that we could find.

Recliner Chairs

The DNY set of two reclining chairs discussed here are made up of two high-quality chairs perfect for relaxing in the garden during the hot summer months. For use in all weather and durability, this set of awning caravan chairs is made with quality Textoline in the seat, back, and pillow. Storing the chairs is incredibly easy too due to the fall flat mechanism, and the level of comfort obtained from the set is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.

As well as being easy to store, both chairs in this DNY set of reclining chairs are lightweight making them easy to carry, and you will not have much trouble cleaning and maintaining both chairs. The DNY Textoline reclining chairs are beautiful to look at, easy to carry, store and clean, and are comfortable to sit on meaning you can enjoy sitting in your awning while on your caravan trip.

VonHaus have provided a relaxing experience that comes in the form of these two attractive, comfortable and easy to store chairs. Both a canopy and a drinks holder come with each of these chairs for maximum comfort when you are on your holiday. The canopy is adjustable so when you want shade while relaxing, you can lift it up, and when you would like to experience the full heat of the sun, you can take it off.

If you want to move into a reclining position, all you must do is sit back and let your leg rest, so you can get comfortable without having to even lift a finger. Do this movement in reverse if you would prefer to sit back into an upright position. Folding the chair is easy too, and the appearance is stylish. As well as all of this, both chairs have a powder-coated steel frame covered with a durable woven Textoline fabric for maximum durability meaning you can use these chairs for as many years as possible. Overall, the VonHaus Zero Gravity Textolin Chair Set is a product that is comfortable, durable and sure to improve your holiday.

Table and Chair Set

This set of table and chairs for awnings from Vango is truly an exemplary option when it comes to selecting the right set of table and chairs for your awning to get the most out of your caravan trip. The surface is weather-proof and easy to clean, and both the table and chairs are lightweight with a sturdy build. The steel frame is reliable and strong with an easy-to-use folding mechanism for simple storage. Four chairs are included in this set of awning table and chairs from Vango. An attractive appearance is combined with a durable design so you get a stylish table and chair set for your awning that will help you relax in whatever weather for many years and many caravan holidays.

A sturdy, well-constructed and stylish table comes in the form of this wooden portable table. Wear resistance and easy cleaning are just two of the many positives for this remarkable piece of caravan awning furniture. Other features of this table include a durable, safe, anti-rust, lightweight aluminium frame, an umbrella hole, and an easy tilt and lock mechanism. All the pieces are connected and can be easily taken down and set up.

After you have taken all the components out, you can fold the table in half. Then, you can use the handle to carry it around like a briefcase, meaning transportation and storage are quick, simple and easy. All in all, this caravan table and chair set from Outsunny is a durable, stylish and portable option that will certainly enhance your experience as you go on your caravan trip.

Inflatable Chairs

Another option from Vango, this flocked chair is soft, comfortable and durable due to its PVC fabric, and can hold weights up to 150kg. Included in the chair are repair patches so there is no need to pay for those. This piece of inflatable awning furniture is perfect for using outside on your caravan trip.

This PVC inflatable sofa from Vango is an attractive, durable seating option ideal for your caravan awning. The construction uses coil beams for support and strength, and the smooth surface means that your groundsheet will be undamaged. Three layers of height are added to this sofa, making this easier to get up from when you are comfortable in your seat. In summary, the Vango inflatable sofa is a quality option perfect for allowing you to relax in your caravan awning.


1. Inflatable Foot Rest Pillow for Travel

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Comfort is very much optimized in the design of this high-quality footrest. Perfect for relaxing after a long day of walking, this inflatable footrest is made with PVC flocking and comes in three different sizes, meeting different needs such as when you are traveling, inside your caravan or home, or when you are in your awning. Health benefits are another positive of this footrest, including improving circulation, reducing swelling, and reducing the risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis).

Inflation and deflation are both simple and easy, simply open the valve cover and blow into it a couple of times for 90 seconds or so, then quickly cover the hole up so no air leaks out to inflate, and to deflate simply release the air by pulling the leather of the air valve. Overall, this footrest from SGODDE is perfect for allowing you to relax on your caravan trips.

Our final product is this AirGoods inflatable footrest. Two cushions make up this foot pillow and it can make three different heights and sizes for both your feet and your legs, helping you to relax after a day of excitement on your holiday. While your legs are raised, blood can circulate through much better, and swelling is reduced. The material that the footrest is made from is PVC Flocking, which is environmentally friendly, hygienic, and most of all comfortable.

As well as all of this, storing this footrest is easy as it just folds down, and you can place the footrest in a small place. The AirGoods Inflatable Travel Footrest is bound to aid you in getting comfortable while you are relaxing on your caravan trip while helping you to deal with any temporary or chronic pain and reducing the risk of DVT.


Now that you have looked at all the products that we could find, hopefully, you can decide based on what we have discussed in this article. A multitude of items have been discussed, so hopefully there is something that fits in your budget, will be practical for you to use, and will look great in your awning and suit your awning layout. An awning can be used as an inner bedroom too, so if you would like to go through with that you could get an inner tent and bear this article in mind. Also, if you are after caravan storage, please look on our website for more information on that.

Ensure that your awning is properly setup by investing in an awning pole tensioner.

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