Can You Poop in a Caravan Toilet?

When you own a caravan, especially for the first time, there is a lot of different things you need to think about and consider. One thing that is vitally important, though, that you may feel reluctant to talk about is the use of the toilet. Most caravans, unless they are teardrop trailer style caravans, come equipped with working toilets.

One question that is often asked by newbie caravanners in relation to the onboard caravan is “can you poop in a caravan toilet?”

Although it may sound like a silly question, because after all, why wouldn’t you use a toilet when it’s readily available to you. To help you come to a decision, we are going to discuss several different things, including the different situations when you may want to use your toilet and when you may want to use an alternative.

When You May Want to Do a Poo in Your Caravan Toilet

First, let’s look at the different times when you will want to use your toilet. For instance, picture the scene, you are off caravanning in the middle of nowhere, with no caravan park site facilities nearby. Are you really going to go into the nearest forest or woodlands when nature calls and you need to poo? Probably not.

Imagine another situation – it’s pouring down with rain and you are a good distance away from the onsite toilets at the caravan park where you are staying. Are you really going to head out into the rain just to do a poo in the public toilets when you have one in your caravan? Again, probably not.

When You May Want to Avoid Doing a Poo in Your Caravan Toilet

There are also situations when you may prefer to leave your own toilet clean and free from faeces and use the onsite toilets. If the weather is good and you are staying on-site and you are not in a rush, many people see no harm in taking a walk to the shared facilities. Likewise, if you are travelling along the motorway and stop up at a service station or the nearest supermarket to pick up supplies, you probably would prefer to go there than the toilet in the caravan.

Problems With Using Toilet

Why are people against using the toilet in the caravan? It basically comes down to what goes into the cassette toilet in your caravan, must come out, eventually. As it is not hooked up to a sewage system, you need to dispose of the waste product yourself. That is what puts people off. Having to clean it out.

So, can you poop in your caravan?

Yes, but whether you want to or not may depend on where you are staying at the time, how much you value your privacy in the bathroom and whether or not you are responsible for the emptying and replacing of your cassette toilet when its time to dispose of everything that has collected there in 24 hours.

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