Campervan Pitch Marker

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Have you ever parked up your motorhome and slept the night at a campsite, then decided to go out for the day? When you return, tired and hungry, you find that someone else has taken the pitch you were on? Even if you can find somewhere else to park it’s still annoying. And if you have paid for that pitch for a week then it’s even more aggravating! One of the answers, though, is to get a camper pitch marker.

If you have experienced this, you know how it feels. It happens quite often and although sometimes people are happy to laugh it off and move on, this is not always the case. It makes matters even worse if you have organised that particular spot because they are near facilities you will need for your kids, and now they are further away from it. Prevention is better than cure, and you can always use a motorhome pitch reserved sign.

How are you going to mark your spot? There are lots of ways to mark it and if you look for pitch markers for motorhomes on the campsite, you will find many home-made designs. But if you are not that practical (or just don’t want to be bothered) then you can buy a pitch reserved sign online.

If you do decide to buy one, you will find that there can be drawbacks to them – unless you make them weigh a fair amount you can have them taken either by a “joker” or by the weather! In the descriptions below we detail ways to make the motorhome pitch marker adequately heavy.

Some Pitch Markers

This is a fairly good-sized sign at 30cm x 20cm, it is made of rigid plastic which is 1.2mm thick. It’s got the words digitally printed on it so it is less likely to fade. You will need to drill or screw this into position or use double-sided tape to mount it on a surface. Double sided tape is a bit of a bad idea in torrential rain, it will just come apart.

So really, although this is a good sign, you will have to make some sort of board on a bit of 2×2” to peg it into the ground. It will help your sign look professional but it will take some brackets, nails, screws or similar to get it to a useable state.

This is a sign that will help keep your pitch reserved all day long. Not only is it bright yellow, but it stands 24 inches tall by 12 inches wide. The best thing though is that it has “reserved” written on it in a few different languages – meaning everyone will be able to understand what it means.

The one drawback with this though, is it is quite lightweight. If you had some string/cord, you could fill a couple of empty milk containers with water, and tie them to the bottom of the sign. This would help keep the sign in place. You can tie the container to the handle and let it dangle down in between the two sides, and this will keep it steady.

The good thing about this sign though, is you can use a permanent marker to put your car registration number on it. It’s a bit more protection from inconsiderate people parking on your pitch.

3. Motorhome Reserved -A Board Sign

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This is a very similar sign to the one above, just slightly shorter at 23 inches tall.

Although it doesn’t have lots of different languages, the picture makes it quite plain what it is saying “Don’t park here, this pitch is taken!”

Again, lots of customers write their car registration plate number on the signs so they can be identified as the owners.

The problem is with these signs is they can be taken by people for their pitches, which is why it’s a really good idea to make sure your car reg is on there. Even if you have to buy another one when you change your car, it’s still a good idea to protect the pitch you have paid for.

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