Best Melamine Dinner Sets for Caravans

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When getting ready to set off in the caravan or motorhome, some people don’t give their dinner sets a second thought. However, with three main meals of the day to plan, it’s likely that at least one of these will be prepared and eaten in your van throughout your travels.

Years ago, it seemed there wasn’t much in the way of choice when it came to sizes, colours, and indeed additional placings for caravan dinnerware. However, now you’ll find a variety of melamine dining sets with nearly all personal preferences and group sizes catered for.

Melamine is an extremely versatile material which is perfect for use when travelling as it requires little care. It’s also easier to clean and store away safely when not in use. A durable plastic, it’s the harder of materials to break. This all makes it an excellent choice for the caravan.

Best Melamine Dinner Sets

Flamefield are specialists in melamine tableware, and this family-run business has been supplying the caravanning industry and beyond for well over two successful decades!

This larger set consists of four standard-sized dinner plates, four side plates, four cups, and four bowls. Better still, they come in a selection of bright colours including green, blue, red, and orange. This makes it a more visually pleasing set and would look great in any caravan, adding a touch of colour to the decor!

Consisting of a 100% makeup of melamine, this set is dishwasher safe and break-resistant. This makes them ideal not just for the caravan but also for use on days when you’re out and about.

Customers of the find this to be good value for a nice quality collection. The vibrant colours also rate highly with many.

Grove is another top-selling distributor of products for the caravanning industry and supplies a good range of melamine tableware for caravanners.

Their aqua set is made up of four standard size dinner plates, four tea plates, and four bowls. Utilizing a stunning contemporary design, the idea is that this colour scheme will complement any caravan interior.

With the bowls in a granite colour and all the plates aqua coloured, this entire set is also suitable to use in the dishwasher at a low temperature, making them entirely practical throughout.

On first impressions, this isn’t your typical caravanning dinner set, and this set wouldn’t be out of place on a dining table in the home! However, for this rather premium of choices, the price tag is slightly more than that of the other sets on this list.

Customers find the overall design of this collection very impressive, alongside enjoying the quality that paying that little bit extra offers here.

3. Unbreakable Lightweight Dinnerware Sets.

price check on amazon

Redcliffs are yet another expert seller of caravanning and camping equipment and assure their products are all modern designs, providing a home from home in your caravan.

This mantra extends to their melamine dinner set, which is neatly finished in a blue and white design. A clean and vibrant collection, it’s also extremely lightweight making it perfect for travelling purposes.

As well as being the easier of sets to clean, all items here can also be placed in the dishwasher and safely washed for those better results every time.

Consisting of four standard dinner plates, mug set, four saucers, and four bowls, this is a perfect accompaniment when you want to take your dinner set out with you for the day as it doubles up as the complete picnic set.

Customers claim it’s a high-quality choice which can endure a lot of handling. They’re also considered to feel the sturdier of melamine sets overall.

Available from a selection of camping stores and outdoor superstores, Amazon presents a stunning melamine dinner set which is eye-catching and a fantastic addition for jazzing up your caravan’s dining area!

This is a practical sixteen-piece dinner set which includes four standard-sized dinner plates, four smaller plates, four bowls, and four cups.

Finished with a De Stijl design on each item, this is the most durable of melamine products with each one made from a 4mm to 5mm thick material.

Furthermore, this set is dishwasher safe throughout, making it the most practical of collections and can be thoroughly cleaned after every use.

Offering a rather high-quality feel and indeed finish, this set is aimed at both caravanning purposes and for taking further afield on picnics and day trips.

If it’s a more attractive and thoroughly entertaining dinner set that you’re after for the caravan, this retro set will undoubtedly satisfy that requirement.

Customers of the retro set state that this collection not only looks great but is also durable and resilient, both when in use and after many dishwasher cycles.

OLPro is a newly formed company having been established in 2012. However, its founders have over three decades of experience in the camping and caravanning industry. Their contemporary set is proof of their commitment to high standards with highly practical designs.

This is a sixteen-piece set which includes four plates at 10 inches each in size, four plates at 8 inches in size, four bowls each at 6 inches, and finally four mugs which each stand 9.5cm tall.

Additionally, this set is dishwasher safe, making it ideal for keeping clean throughout your caravanning travels.

With a fantastic looking colour and pattern on each item in the set, this is an excellent addition for use both in the caravan and when out camping or picnicking away from the van.

Customers of the OLPro like how well the design of these products complements most caravans, as well their overall durable construction.

Final Thoughts on Melamine Dinner Sets

By choosing and selecting a durable melamine dinner set, you can be sure you’ll always have plates, bowls, and cups to hand when it comes to serving up your food and drinks in your caravan, motorhome or campervan.

There’s no need to compromise on quality or presentation when caravanning. With each one available at a fantastic price, you’ll be able to afford to eat in style and enjoy the caravanning dining experience every time.

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