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With all the fine weather we are having, it’s the ideal time to head on the road in your caravan. It’s time to dust off the vehicle and get the towing bar out and the world’s your oyster to explore and enjoy. However, we all know that might not be how it goes, at least in the first instance. There is, of course, the small matter of caravan cleaning and maintenance.

When it comes to caravan maintenance (brushes and a guide to cleaning your caravan roof here), we may not all be in a hurry to get on with some hard work when we are trying to enjoy the great weather. However, if you want a good looking caravan and one that is fit for the fancy accessories you adorn it with; you need to look after it.

It will also give you a good return on your investment. Now, we already discuss in detail the various caravan cleaners available and a thorough guide to cleaning your caravan. However, we wanted to take the opportunity to hone in specifically on the best caravan polish with this post.

As with all accessories and caravan cleaning products for caravans nowadays, there is not just one caravan polish. If there were, it would be very easy to choose the polish you needed for your caravan. However, because there are options, that means you need to weigh up those options and choose the best one for your own budget, vehicle and personal preferences.

In the following post therefore, we want to make it a little easier, by highlighting some of the best caravan polishes available right now.

Best Caravan Polish (Our Top Picks)

Autoglym is a name that is synonymous with products designed for the car and other vehicles, including caravans and motor-homes, since its establishment in 1965.

What started as a company offering just 8 different treatments for bodywork and wheels, from the original headquarters in Welwyn Garden City grew to be an industry leader.

This Super Resin Polish from the British company provides an incredibly high gloss shine and the formula has won numerous awards over the years. As well as offering, what the company claims at the very least, unparalleled quality, they only manufacture and sell products, whether it is conditioners, emulsifiers or shampoos and like this, polishes that are kind to your caravan’s paintwork and bodywork.

Care-avan are a relatively new company, who have only been in business for the last 8 years. However, in the short time since it was established, the company has amassed a strong following of repeat customers. Their products have received great reviews and are the only company whose products are fully endorsed by both Roma Caravans, Bailey Caravans and Bailey Motor-homes.

This Care-avan Caravan Polish is no exception and it has a very good reputation. It was even voted as the 1st Choice Practical Caravan Magazine by the editors. It is not only very affordable, but very easy to use for all caravan surfaces on the exterior and interior and is a simply easy on, easy off formula.

3. Meguiar’s 45 High Gloss Polish

Meguiar's 45 High Gloss Polishcheck price on amazon

Meguiar’s is a name that not everyone is readily aware of, but they should be because they have been in operation in one form or another since 1901.

Frank Meguiar Jr. first entered the polish business back then when he and his family, an eggbeater and a tin bath would make enough wax to fulfil orders he had waiting for customers the next day, and the money would then pay for the household groceries. Since those humble beginnings, the company has had astronomical success.

The Meguiar’s 45 High Gloss Polish is not a product you want to overlook then. It comes with a free microfibre applicator pad and is ideal not just for motor-homes and caravans; but boats as well. Anything with either a fibreglass or GRP bodywork.

Part of the reason you need to invest in a specialist polish product like this one for caravan cleaning is because of the materials used to construct the majority of caravans. Their bodywork is generally made from fibreglass which contains a porous gel coating and this polish has been formulated to penetrate into those pores and eliminate/get rid of any contaminates that have built up while spreading oils to nourish the surface.

Another option when it comes to caravan polishes, is this great product from Mer? Why choose Mer though? Well, Mer are a German manufacturer of car polish products that was established by Franz Billich Autopflegemittel GmbH and has been providing globally leading polish for cars and other vehicles for more than 45 years.

The Auto Shine Technologie stands for effective, efficient and simple care and protection for cars and it means that the highest quality is a standard. It protects, shines and cleans and can restore dull and faded paintwork to sparkling brand new condition. Simply apply it and rub it off without worrying about streaks.

The final item on our list is another from the manufacturer Care-avan. The waterless cleaner polish is, like the rest of their product lines, endorsed by the company Baileys Caravans. It is quick and easy to apply this polish to your caravans and motor-homes and reportedly can be used come rain or shine, day and night. The microfibre cloths are ideal for caravan cleaning and polishing all surfaces without causing avoidable damage.

If you are looking for a waterless polish that does not take a lot of effort to apply, the Care-avan is ideal.

So, there we have a closer look specifically at the best caravan polish and the products we think you should choose from. The polish you choose, as many of these are high quality products, will largely depend on your own personal preferences. Remember, if you haven’t already checked it out, to have a look at our caravan cleaners page – which has lots of great tips and advice for cleaning or maybe think about investing in a caravan cover to keep your caravan bodywork protected when your caravan is not used.

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