Touring Caravan Bedding

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When sleeping in your caravan bed, you’ll no doubt want to recreate that home from home feeling when it comes to the caravan bedding sheets, duvets, and pillows that you use. By doing so, you can be assured of waking each morning rested and ready to take on the day ahead.

Some people assume that the quality of sleep in a caravan bed is poor, but, just because your caravan bed is slightly different in structure and size to that of your bed back home, there’s no reason why any caravanner needs to compromise on comfort here.

Regular domestic bedding items aren’t recommended on caravan beds as they don’t adequately cover, fit or stay put on these often-selective measurements of bed designs. This tends to mean most caravanners make do with blankets and loosely draped sheets over their beds – equalling a tough night’s sleep each time. You want to make sure the sheets you get are a perfect fit.

However, when it comes to selecting products for the caravan, there is bed linen which is designed and made specifically for caravan beds. So, forget those old and musty blankets stashed in the compartments and instead aim for the best caravan bedding which solely caters for your vans island bed, left or right-hand cut off bed, bunk bed or basic fixed bed.

These are six of the best caravan bedding items available for purchase which will help you get your fixed caravan bed made up to perfection, encouraging a more comfortable and relaxed sleeping arrangement every time. These should fit a wide range of makes of caravan such as Swift, Bailey and Jonic but most likely won’t be suitable for use as motorhome bedding.

Best Caravan Bedding (Our Top 10 Choices)

The Bettersleep Company has designed a variety of fitted sheets including sizes for island bed sheets and left hand or right hand cut off sheets.

All sheets are available in a great selection of colours from white, ivory, cream and silver grey to pink, latte, burgundy, and blues.

The addition of polyester and combined cotton ensures a smooth finish but with an ultra-tight blend which assures a maximum fit, while retaining a sense of comfort.

These sheets are simple to care for, allowing for machine washing, and have an easy-care finish which means less time spent on ironing afterward!

UK manufactured, customers can check their required measurements against these sheets before ordering to ensure they get the neatest of fits for their caravan bed.

Customer highly rate the fantastic quality of The Bettersleep Company sheets alongside helpful customer service, should you have any questions or queries regarding these products.

No caravan bed is complete without a comfortable duvet and pillowcases, and Bedding Direct UK offers an exclusive pack of three duvets and a staggering ten pillows in this duvet cover set.

Perfect for dotting around the caravan on all fixed beds and temporary bedding areas, or even merely boosting the height on the one bed, this pack is comprised of durable and lightweight essential sleeping items. All contain a hollow fibre offering, keeping you warm and entirely comfortable throughout the night.

Hypoallergenic and all straightforward to care for, these items can be machine washed to increase their longevity. This 10.5 tog rating budget edition pack is a perfect addition for any caravan bed type and well worth the initial layout.

If your caravan is lucky enough to possess an island bed, The Bettersleep Company once again offer a practical covering solution through their luxury mattress covers.

This white quilted product consists of a cotton and polyester blend and is comprised of shaped corners and a practical 30cm deep elasticated skirt to finish off the look.

Aimed at offering a touch of class and elegance to your fixed caravan bed, this protector is tailored to provide a snug and practical fitting and is simple to care for.

Machinable washable at 40 degrees, whether you choose to drip dry or even short spin this cover, there is a minimal amount of ironing involved. What’s more, it also comes with a seven-year guarantee attached to it!

This luxury mattress protector rates highly for customer satisfaction due to its excellent quality and ability to fit and protect the mattress. It’s also considered a great looking item when initially placed on the bed.

This luxury UK made caravan mattress protector is perfect for those fixed island caravan beds that have a left hand cut off in their design.

Often considered one of the more awkward of bed designs to cover, The Bettersleep Company sell a luxury polycotton mattress protector which is also quilted to look good and provide additional warmth.

Machine washable and straightforward to dry in quick time, the easy-care feature of this protector means less ironing time.

With a 30cm deep fully elasticated skirt, this luxuriously designed ivory coloured product is efficiently tailored to fit your caravan bed perfectly.

Customers rate this Bettersleep Company mattress protector as doing the job it claims to do exceedingly well, fitting to perfection on many a selection of caravan bed types while staying put throughout continued use.

For those two pieced island fixed caravan beds, The Bettersleep company sell a white quilted polycotton mattress protector and bolster, which works at extending the life of your mattress.

Made using a luxury polycotton, that is 50% superior cotton and 50 polyester blend combined, this protector also has an impressive 700gsq filling. There is also a 30cm deep elasticated skirt to ensure the perfect overall fit.

Easy to care for and no additional ironing time required, this protector can be machine washed and short spin dried for practicality.

Though not waterproof, it does offer added protection from the usual wear and tear alongside keeping your mattress clean. It also provides an extra layer of cushioning in between the mattress and fitted sheet, thus improving your comfort.

Customers purchasing this product find it’s an excellent fit and perfect for those caravan island beds. Claimed to offer good value for money the quilting effect of this protector is also highly favoured.

Lastly, The Bettersleep Company offer a selection of several colour choices from their two-piece island and bolster fitted sheet.

A luxurious 200 thread count and a polycotton material make this a smooth but tightly fitted sheet which is designed to give customers a restful night’s sleep, fitting a fixed caravan bed perfectly.

This versatile product requires a minimal amount of care due to its easy-care finishing properties. It can be machine washed and gently dried with a less creased finishing, resulting in less ironing time.

Produced and manufactured in the UK, customers have the choice of a white or ivory sheet here, as well as burgundy, navy blue, latte, and silver grey as a bonus to compliment your caravan’s décor.

Caravan Bedding for Bunk Beds

While the above bedding options are suitable for a wide range of normal beds, if you have bunk beds you need a different type of linen. The following is one of the options we found available on Amazon. With many bunk beds the size of each individual single tends to be a lot shorter than standard single beds.

These are fitted white sheets that are a combination of 50% combed cotton and 50% polyester finely woven together and measure 75 x 191cm making them suitable for a bed 2’6”. This makes them suitable for various bunk beds in caravans, as well as some smaller singles and narrow boat-sized beds.

As well as being made from easy-iron material (on a medium heat setting) they can be machine washed at 40-degrees Celsius and can even be stuck in the tumble drier on low heat. The material mix is designed to give a fine and soft feel, even after repeated washing.

At the price they are available for, considering the quality, they are a reasonable investment for awkward sized beds or if you are just looking for bedding for bunk beds in your caravan.

When it comes to bunk beds a lot of children prefer to use a sleeping bag. This is what I did when I was young and loved how cosy it was to sleep in one. We have put together an article on sleeping bags here.

A Final Thought

When selecting the best caravan bedding, it’s good practice to find out any individual measurements beforehand, considering possible awkward positions of your caravan beds. This ensures you get the right products for your specific model.

All the caravan bedding above is specially designed for an overall wide range of caravan types and structures in mind. This means that you’re bound to find the perfect caravan bedding for your needs, as opposed to those domestic products offered by the standard department stores.

If you are after sleeping arrangements for the little ones take a look at our article on caravan travel cots.

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