Bailey Valencia Problems

Given that Bailey has been one of the leading names in caravan and motorhome manufacturing for more than 70 years, it would seem to be an easy decision to choose one of their models as your tourer. However, there have been several alarming and off-putting posts published over the years, mainly in forums, concerning issues like dampness. Are these serious issues and indicative of a problem in the Valencia line or Bailey caravans in general? Let’s look at this in a bit more detail.

The Problem with Caravan Owner Websites and Forums

Before we even get into discussing Bailey as a caravan manufacturer and the measures they take to ensure their customers are satisfied, it’s worth highlighting a few truths about the internet. The internet, the websites and forums featured there, is incredibly useful in so many ways. You can find out things, do extensive research on whatever subject you want, without leaving your house and even if you do leave your house, you can access all the information through your smartphone or tablet.

It’s certainly made the process of researching, finding, and buying a caravan easier for many people. However, you do need to have your wits about you to a certain extent when using the internet. Especially when large purchases are involved.

One thing that the internet is especially good for, that is not in the least bit helpful, is negativity. You will find that a lot of people online love to have a moan. That is undoubtedly what brought you here. Whether you read it first-hand, or some helpful person said “oooh, you might want to avoid Bailey Valencia caravans” or “bear in mind the well-documented Bailey Valencia problems”.

The Truth About Bailey Valencia Caravans

The truth about Bailey Valencia problems is that while some people have had issues, including dampness, not all owners have. As with anything online, you are more likely to hear a whole lot about negative stuff, because those who have had bad experiences never tire of telling everyone about their bad experiences. And that’s their right.

But people who have had positive experiences tend to just get on with their lives and don’t proclaim it all the time. So rather than looking at the negatives being a real indicator that you should avoid Bailey caravans at all costs, it may be a more rounded view to think “well, that’s unfortunate, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I will have the same experience”

Bailey is one of the best manufacturers for a reason.

High Tech Construction Equipment and 10 Years Year Ingress Guarantee

Digging a little deeper and you find that Bailey caravans are manufactured using some of the most sophisticated and high tech computer controlled construction equipment and machinery for the wall panels and ceilings. This and the fact that like most of the big caravan manufacturers, they offer 10 years of water ingress guarantees, makes them a worthy investment.

The Need to Find a Reputable Caravan Dealer

Rather than just being about buying the right make and model of a caravan, like many other things in life, it’s also important to consider carefully where you buy a caravan from. You ideally want a respectable and reliable dealer who is known to handle issues professionally and quickly and who really looks out for the buyers.

Looking at forums and sites like Caravan Helper is a great way to find out where the best dealers are in your local area. Though you may have to travel – it just depends on how much it is important to you to get a great caravan.

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