Awning Tie Down Kit

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As we’ve noted extensively here at Caravan Helper, awnings are one of those accessories that no caravan outfit should be without. They help increase the covered floorspace you have access to. As well as providing welcome shade from the hot sun on those days in summer when we do get a reasonably high temperature in the UK, they also provide welcome cover and waterproof protection against the rain. They can be used to hang wet clothes in or as somewhere for wet animals, kids and adults to stop before heading into your tourer. They are even perfect as an extra storage room, bedroom or even for alfresco dining.

Although they do provide a lot of protection against the elements and most models generally come with all the necessary straps and pegs for securing them in place, there are times when the winds are too blustery and even the best awning can succumb.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way though, as many companies have designed an additional layer of protection and stability for awnings called an awning tie down kit. Other names you may find this kind of product retailing as include awning straps and awning storm straps. Basically, these are kits that help to reinforce your awning, to ensure it stays put and doesn’t get blown off or damaged in high winds and storms.

There are several different kits available, so to make it easier for you to find a suitable one, we’ve highlighted four below.

Awning Tie Down Kits (Some Choices)

First in our list is the awning tie down kit from PLS Integra. The straps in this kit connect to the sewn-in buckles on your awning and help to give it that additional layer of security. You get a paid per set, with 2 large pegs and 2 springs included as well.

This set have been designed to match most popular awnings out there that have female side-release buckles, including products from the following brands:

  • Pyramid
  • Outdoor Revolution
  • Gateway
  • SunnCamp
  • Leisurewize
  • StarCamp
  • Quest
  • Towsure (the brand’s Insignia full-size awning)

Fiamma are a brand that we’re no stranger to us here at Caravan Helper. And neither should you be, as they have a long and illustrious history designing and producing excellent accessories and equipment for caravanners. Based in Italy, their ingenious products are available throughout the world and highly regarded.

The Fiamma Tie Down S Kit provides the anchoring you really need for your awning during poor conditions. It features 2 bands measuring 300cm that are adjustable, 2 large stakes, 2 tension springs and 2 frontal hooks (for the Fiamma F65 and F45). Although you may find that you’re able to make it work with whatever awning you have for your tourer, these are designed to work specifically with Fiamma products.

The kit will fit securely into the awning guide of either the F65 or F45 models and the side clip on the Fiamma Privacy Room.

If you prefer, this Fiamma awning tie down kit is also available in yellow. Check it out here.

3. Kampa Awning Storm Tie Down Kit

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The Kampa awning storm tie down kit is a very similar product to the others in this list. As noted with the Fiamma, the Kampa kit is designed especially with Kampa Rally awnings in mind, as they have the attachments that will accept the storm straps in this kit. You simply clip one end of the strap into the buckle located on the awning and then peg the other end using the supplied pegs (there are two included).

Kampa are another brand that has been designing and manufacturing accessories, equipment and gear for the caravanning and camping community for decades. As such, you can trust that their products are always made to a reasonably high standard.

The last product in our list is from Dorema. This kit is designed to be compatible with any Dorema awning, motor annex or awning porch released after 2003. All models from the company feature the locking clips that will connect easily with this storm strap kit. With the kit you get 2 strong pegs, 2 tension springs and 2 adjustable straps, like the other kits.

If you want to avoid any accidents and paying out for costly repairs on your awning or even to replace it completely, then an awning tie down kit is something you should give serious consideration to investing in. We certainly wouldn’t be without one, particularly if the weather could take a sudden turn for the worst.

As you’ll undoubtedly see from the products we’ve selected, many are designed to be compatible with awnings from specific brands, so it’s best to find the right one to match your model.

Having said that, the PLS Integra model is a more general and universal tie down kit that will work with any awnings from the brands listed in the description. Although they may differ in terms with the awnings they are compatible with, there is one thing all the awning strap kits we have featured have in common, they are all reliable and will help to extend the return on your investment in the awning you use with your tourer, by ensuring it lasts for a very long time, even when the winds are blowing and a storm’s a brewing!

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