Awning Pegs for Hard Standing

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If you spend enough time on the road, travelling around the country from one camping and caravan site to the next, you will find yourself on hard standing pitches more often than not. When you do, though, you may have a harder time than usual with pitching your awning, if you are only relying on the normal camping pegs that most tend to use.

For normal grass pitches, camping pegs are fine and provide enough grip and can be inserted into the ground easily enough. However, as hard standings, you’ve guessed it, are hard, it is not only difficult to knock normal camping pegs into that kind of surface, it’s virtually impossible. Therefore, to make it possible to pitch your awning and get the full benefit of that enclosed and covered space, even on a hard standing, you need special pegs.

Awning pegs for hard standing pitches need to be made of metal in order for them to be inserted successfully into the compacted gravel-like material of this type of pitches. Unlike their plastic counterparts, these therefore, need to be made of sturdy and durable metal.

As this is an all-too-common problem, at Caravan Helper, we want to help you all out. We have spent some time searching the net for the best awning pegs for hard standing pitches and are pleased to share our findings with you below.

Awning Pegs For Hard Standing (Some Choices)

Kicking our list off is this great money-saving set of screw pegs from Blue Diamond. These particular steel pegs have a tapered spike and are very robust and sold. The 18cm (approximately) corkscrew-style shaft provides extra grip for the ground so that your awning, once fully pitched, is going nowhere. In addition to the 13mm bolt head, each also has a robust plastic head that helps it to firmly grip your awning guy lines.

This pack of 20 comes with its own strong plastic storage box that has an internal handle that makes it easy to carry and store away. While the bolts themselves are black and silver in colour, the storage box is in a very fetching purple colour.

Our next item on our list is another pack of 20 awning pegs for hard standings from Blue Diamond. This storage box is fluorescent orange and is therefore perfect for seeing in the dark and low lighting. Great for when you are pitching up towards the end of the day. The pegs themselves are a little different from the above set. Not only do they have a fluorescent plastic bolt head in addition to the steel one (similarly to the one above), but they have a different style of shaft.

Although they may not provide as much grip as the corkscrew-style, these smooth shafted pegs will be easy enough to hit into the ground with a tent mallet. The length is also slightly shorter than the above option, at around 15cm, but again, their ease of use more than makes up for it.

3. Blue Diamond Hard Ground Pro Pegs 20’s with Free Case

Blue Diamond Hard Ground Pro Pegs 20’s with Free Case

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Our third item is another pack of 20 from Blue Diamond. These have a similar smooth shaft and tapered point like the above pegs but are around 20cm long. These have a tough black coloured head that is made from plastic and is used to grip securely to your awning guy lines. As is the case with the other packs, this comes with its own sturdy plastic box that features a handle for easy transport and storage.

Blue Diamond is the kind of brand that commands respect and has a sterling reputation because they are known to make high-quality products for the camping and caravanning community.

Another pack of 20 tough awning pegs for hard standings, though this time they are from another reputable company – Outdoor Revolution. These benefit from a unique design that incorporates a plastic peg had, as usual, but this time it has a double-sided head, making it even easier and securer to hold down guy lines and the pegging points around your caravan awning.

They are similarly sized to the others in our list, at 20cm and feature a portion of the shaft up from the tip with twisting design. This helps them to go into the ground with relative ease. Like the others, this comes with its own robust and durable storage box and there is even a peg cleaner incorporated into the lid’s design. This helps you to clean your pegs before storing them away, enabling them to last for much longer than if they were to be stored away with dirty and debris on them.

Another cost-effective solution for pitching your caravan awning on a hardstanding is this pack of 20 from Garden Haven. The steel pegs in this pack have the distinct selling point of having luminous glow-in-the-hard heads that provide additional safety at night when you are trying to maneuverer around your awning and caravan setup. Say goodbye to accidental trips and falls.

As far as the rest of the design goes, they are almost identical to the others in this list and are a similar length to most, at just over 20cm. Another great item that you get with this pack though is a handy peg puller. There is also a peg brush, again, like the model above, that helps you to clean your pegs before you put them away.

So, if you spend a lot of time caravanning and staying at caravan sites with hard standing pitches, you need to invest in at least one of the great packs of steel awning pegs above. Although the packs, we highlighted feature 20 pegs, if you need more, there are packs with anything between 20 and 150 pegs. Failing that you could simply invest in more than one pack.

We think this is one of those accessories that all caravanners should have at their disposal. For more information about other great caravan and more specifically, awning related items, why not check out some of our other posts.

An awning carpet is perfect for taking the harsh cold surface of a hard standing and giving you something more luxurious and comfortable, while chairs and recliners, along with lights and heaters can help to make it really feel like a home away from home.

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