What Is The Best Static Caravan To Buy?

There are many makes and models of static caravans to choose from. With such a plethora of choice, deciding what is the best static caravan to buy is no easy feat.  It can take a lot of the enjoyment out of buying one because you often time replace the joy and excitement with doubt, confusion … Read more

Caravan parks near St Andrews with swimming pools

It’s home to the university where Wills fell for Kate, you can explore the ruined castle and cathedral, there’s an aquarium… okay, the reason you’re bringing your tourer here is golf. The Scots claim to have invented the sport (along with the Chinese, the French and the Dutch), and the Old Course in the seaside … Read more

Charging A Leisure Battery From Flat (Some Great Tips)

A conventional leisure battery will give a cycling life of between 200 – 300 deep discharges. A Gel battery between 400 – 500 cycles and an AGM (absorbent glass mat) battery 600 – 800 cycles. Batteries fail because of lead sulphation of the plates. Capacity loss is quicker with leisure batteries. The deeper that you … Read more

Caravan parks with swimming pools in Dorset

Dorset and drama aren’t words you often hear in the same sentence, unless you’re talking fictional drama. The sleepy coastal county has inspired countless classic novels, films and TV shows, from Jane Austen’s Persuasion to The French Lieutenant’s Woman and the spine-tingling Broadchurch. Thomas Hardy’s books are set here, and many of the landscapes he … Read more

Should You Use T Cut On Your Caravan?

It’s fair to say if you have invested in a caravan, you’ve probably spent a lot of money and effort on it, even if you’ve only had it for a relatively short time. It’s your pride and joy and you want it to always look its best. So, what do you do when you discover … Read more

Tiny House Vs Caravan: Which Is Better?

Alternative living spaces have become very popular over the last decade or more. Partly motivated by the need to find more affordable housing, and partly driven by a need to be free from the burdens of owning or renting a conventional property, two of the most popular choices are tiny homes and caravans. You may … Read more

Key Stuck in Caravan Lock: What Should You Do?

We’re not sure we can think of anything worse than the idea of returning to our caravan after a long day of sightseeing, fun at the beach or whatever you like to get up to only to discover that we can’t open the door to our tourer because we have got the key stuck in … Read more

Rear Storage Box for Motorhome

One of the key considerations you always need to make when looking at touring vehicles is the amount of storage space they offer. While some offer plenty, others are very restricted in how much room they provide for keeping things in an organised and neat manner while you are on the road. Although this is … Read more

Public Weighbridge Cost: Check How Much Your Caravan Weighs

If you have been considering purchasing a motorhome or already own one, you may have come across posts and forum discussions mentioning public weighbridges. If you are still relatively new to touring vehicles and the caravan and motorhome lifestyle, you may wonder what a weighbridge is and why you would want to use one. At … Read more

Chemical Toilet Fluid Alternative

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. That’s how we all feel about sorting the toilet in the caravan. Especially if we have a standard cassette setup. The interesting thing is that, aside from the obvious fact that people don’t enjoy dealing with faeces and the smells they generate, it’s often the … Read more