Aquaroll Mains Adaptor

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One thing that can be an issue when you are caravanning is having a steady constant supply of water to your caravan. One popular safe and reliable way to maintain this is the Aquaroll by FL Hitchman.

What is the Aquaroll?

This is a water supply carrier that is portable and can be rolled along the ground for easy transportation. It was first designed in 1953 and has continued to evolve over the years, with the current model being the 40-litre model that was first introduced in 1992. This current model also benefits from the addition of a side neck, that means you can easily fill it using an Aquaroll Mains Adaptor.

What is the Aquaroll Mains Adaptor?

A great companion item to the Aquaroll water carrier, the Aquaroll Mains Adaptor is a reliable and safe way to ensure that you maintain a constant supply of water supply for your caravan. These devices allow you to easily connect to the mains supply of water provided at a super pitch. This means that you not need to make any costly upgrades or alterations if you already have an Aquaroll, because this has been designed to fit into.

If you are interested in investing in an Aquaroll mains adaptor, you will be surprised to see that there are quite a few options. We’ve highlighted some of the best below. Although these are not official FL Hitchman or Aquaroll products, they will do the job just as well.

The first on our list is this mains water adaptor kit that can be used with various systems such as Roly Poly, Aquarius and Aquaroll with a side cap measuring 80mm. It features a high-quality food grade hose with full hose-end connectors measuring 10m. It fully complies with the EU directive N.10/2011.

This is a slightly smaller accessory that offers 5m of food grade hosing and the appropriate mains water adaptor kit that will work perfectly with the Aquaroll system. It is easy to use.

3. Big White Box Mains Water Adaptor Valve

Big White Box Mains Water Adaptor Valvecheck price on amazon

This is not a fully mains adaptor, but rather the valve for the Aquaroll unit. This features two cap-securing nuts that means you can position this adaptor in the best place, ensuring it stays in place.

This is another size which offers 7.5m of hosing, and can be fitted to Aquaroll, Aqua Caddy, Aquarius, Roly Poly and Water Hog systems.

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