2 Burner Gas Hob for Caravan

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A key part of caravanning that you need to think about is the preparing and cooking of meals. Unless you have or are intending on buying a well kitted out motorhome with kitchen facilities to rival your own home’s (and some are even better), you are going to have the bare basics. This can be quite an adjustment for people. Especially when you consider you need to do the same kinds of things you did at home, but in a smaller area.

Caravans Have Limited Cooking Facilities

While it’s true that most caravans come equipped with at least a gas hob and microwave oven, you will find some that don’t. Some teardrop-style caravans, for instance, have very limited features at best and even if they have a kitchen area, it’s very minimalist.

Not Designed to Cater to a Lot of People

Even if you do get a gas hob in your caravan, you could be restricted by size and movement, and if you have more guests visiting you than your caravan is designed to cope with, you may not have enough space to cook a fully satisfying meal.

When you are faced with any of the above issues, what do you do? Well, you could consider one of the 2 burner gas hob for caravan solutions that are out there. These are incredibly portable and whether you use them in conjunction with existing cooking facilities or as a make-do option, they will enable you to cook some hot and tasty food.

2 Burner Gas Hob for Caravan (Some Recommended Choices)

First in our guide is this very cool and practical gas stove and 2 burner cookers from NJ Commerce. Thanks to its slick design and construction using stainless steel for its surface, cast iron for the burner and a brass covering, the stove will not only good in the short-term, but should continue to look great in the long-term as well.

NJ have fitted this stove with their own patented-design burners that not only just provide effortless and efficient cooking flames, but with fuel efficiency. Starting it couldn’t be easier thanks to the piezo ignition built into its design. While the Flame Failure Safety Device that the stove has will ensure no matter where you are using it, it’s safe by switching the gas off as soon as the flame goes out.

As you’d expect, the burners are adjustable so you can control the timing of anything you cook. We especially love the height-adjustable support corners for bigger pans like woks. This means that even when you’re in the middle of nowhere, you can still cook an exceptionally large pan of ingredients for a delicious meal.

Everything about this gas stove has been well-thought-out with the goal of making it as easy to use and accessible to anyone. It will work with not just LPG, but butane and propane-butane gases too

From Altima comes the next item we want to highlight. This is a cool choice of tabletop stove with 2 burners and the most attractive blue and white colouring. The surface of the cooker has been finished with a reinforced glass surface that not only gives it a truly contemporary feel, but also provides it with additional protection and thus an extended lifetime.

As with the above, it’s equipped with the piezo ignition for ease and convenience and the resulting flames can be adjusted to suit what you’re cooking and the time it needs to cook for. About the cooking, this stove makes use of cutting-edge whirlwind technology to ensure everything cooks quickly using the least amount of gas possible.

Another similarity between this and the one above is that it’s got the ever reliable and precautionary Flame Failure Safety Device. Designed to work with LPG, propane and butane gas canisters, this is just a very straightforward and hassle-free cooker.

3. NJ NGB-S2 Black Glass Stove 2 Burners 6.8kW

 NJ NGB-S2 Black Glass Stove 2 Burners 6.8kW

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Slightly less expensive and slightly less powerful than the previous option from NJ Commerce, the NJ NGB-S2 is still a devastatingly handsome and portable cooking solution. The surface is made from 8mm of specially tempered glass that not only gives it its gorgeous good looks but ensures its strong and safe and will last a long time.

As with all 2 burner stoves highlighted on this page, it benefits from the piezo ignition for easy and quick-starting flames every time and the Flame Failure Safety Device that cuts the gas as soon as the flame is turned off. As you’d expect, the burners are fully adjustable so you can get the heat to just the right level for whatever you’re cooking and as it’s designed to work with Propane, Butane and LPG gas canisters, there’s no need to hunt high and low trying to find fuel for this beauty.


So, whether you need a gas stove because your caravan does not actually have one at all or you just need an additional place to cook food on to give you more options, there are solutions out there. We’ve tried to present you with what we feel are the best of the best, which is why we only selected three products. It’s up to you and your available budget, whether you think these are viable options.

You can, of course, investigate having a cooker installed into your caravan kitchen, but that’s going to be a more labour-intensive and expensive job. Buying a handy gas stove seems like a far easier solution to the team here at Caravan Helper.

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