12v Water Pump for Caravan

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In this article, we will be looking at different caravan water pumps. You will want a pump that is not too expensive so it fits in your budget but is of good quality so it can do the job properly.

Many of these fit that description and are also easy to use and easy to install while being exceptionally effective in getting fresh water from your water tank to the caravan sink. So, without further ado, here are our picks for the best 12v water pumps for caravans and motorhomes.

Best 12v Electric Water Pumps For Caravans

Whale is a company operating since the 1940s who have been successful in creating high-quality pumps, from their original quality designs to groundbreaking electronic pumps. This premium pump is an example of the latter. With an amazing ability to pump 15.8 litres per minute into your caravan, this device will get your caravan ready to be used even quicker with its spectacular performance.

No need for extra adaptors, just plug the pump kit in and the kink-resistant hose will allow the water to be pumped through. This house is easily cleaned by simply wiping it down, making it great for easy storage. The plug is easily fitted and is compatible with the whale socket, which you can buy separately. The Whale Watermaster Premium Pump and Plug is an easy-to-use quality pump made by a respected and experienced brand to help you in your life as a caravan owner.

This is another product from the innovative company Whale. This is a simple way to get water into your caravan, while also being compact and very cheap. Despite it being cheap, it is a long-lasting product and an effective way of turning your manual system into an electric system.  The continuous operation should not last any longer than fifteen minutes, and you need to make sure not to run the pump dry. This 12V Whale submersible pump is a powerful, inexpensive and easy-to-use product that works extremely well if you avoid using it for any more than fifteen minutes or if you avoid running it dry.

3. 12v Water Pump Cassette Comet Thetford 8 Litre

12v Water Pump Cassette Comet Thetford 8 Litre

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This toilet pump is a high-quality product that is perfect for repairing your caravan toilet and getting it up and running with water running right through into it. This quality pump comes with plenty of cabling and is very easy to fit. Just take out the old pump by the hose, but not the water, and then wipe the hose with a dry cloth and you are ready to replace your old pump with this product from Thetford. This Amazon’s Choice product is suitable for the cassette models: C2, C200, C200CW, C402 & CWE and is a great replacement for your toilet.

This water pump is another quality product that is inexpensive a great overall pump. This pump can also be used a replacement in C2 and C2000 models of the Thetford cassette toilet. Fitting is easy as well. All you need to do is loop the feed cable along the body and then you just need to trap the cable and the pump inside the oval bracket. This product is a wonderful replacement for the Thetford Toilet Cassette or great for the installation of your caravan due to it being easy-to-fit, a product that works and inexpensive.

Our final pump is a lightweight product, but do not let the size fool you. This product is a powerful piece of machinery that can fill up your caravan with water in half an hour. This pump can run at 16 LPM, making it an incredibly efficient product. Whilst it is powerful and efficient, it is also almost silent and even quieter than the Whale product it was designed to replace. Overall, this pump will make an effective replacement for your Whale pump.

6. Truma Ultraflow Maxi Pump

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This is a simple pump that enables you to pump water from your container to your vehicle. It comes with an 800mm hose and it allows you to pump 9 litres a minute. Not the most powerful on the list but its a decent pump.


Should you get a water filter for your water pump?

Yes, if you are going to be drinking the water we would highly recommend one of these.

Will these water pumps fit into any water carrier?

Yes, most water pumps and water carriers are the same size but please double check before purchasing.

What alternatives are there to a 12v water pump?

There are foot pumps, also called hand pumps. We used to have one of these in an old caravan when I was a child. It did the job for what we needed but if you have a shower on a caravan then you 100% need a 12v pump.

Do I need a pressure switch?

A pressure switch can switch the pump on or off it thinks there is a water pressure change in the water system. Some pumps do have a pressure switch built in so check before ordering.


Here we have looked at the best 12v water pumps we could find for caravans, motorhomes and campervan. As we said before, it is best to choose a product that works well, while not being out of your budget. Most of the pumps we have discussed in this article are very cheap while still doing the job quickly and efficiently. We hope that this article has helped you in choosing which pump is the best option for you and wish you all the best in using your caravan.

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