12 Volt Fans For Caravans

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When you go caravanning, the freedom you benefit comes at a cost. You do need to make some sacrifices and compromise over some things. You can’t just take any old appliance from your home and connect it up in your caravan, for instance. You need to invest in lower voltage products. At Caravan Helper we’ve already covered a wide range of 12v appliances and accessories, including 12v hair dryers, 12v hair straighteners, 12v coffee makers and even 12v cool boxes.

Although there are sacrifices and compromises you need to make, that doesn’t involve the level of comfort you have while on the road. Especially as, depending on the size of your tourer, you are living in close proximity to the other people you are holidaying or travelling with. It can get very muggy, even on colder and wetter days.

The kind of conditions you’d want the benefit of a good quality fan, to keep you nice and cool, whether it’s nice and hot weather outside or not. However, as we’ve already outlined, you need to be careful when choosing electrical appliances like fans. That’s why in this post we’ve highlighted some great 12-volt fans for caravans.

We wanted to avoid bombarding you with a long list of very similar products, so have picked out what we believe are 5 of the best models. Some are more compact than others and are powered in different ways, so you are bound to find one that suits your caravan outfit.

12 Volt Fans For Caravans (some choices)

First in our list is this stepless speed fan with air fresh function. It is very easy to install with an adjustable suction cap and plugs directly into a 12v cigarette lighter or similar connection point. Its direction can be adjusted so you can cool the necessary parts of your caravan or towing vehicle. You have the ability to change the speed and there is an LED light that lets you know it’s working properly.

Given it’s not especially expensive, this is a nice affordable and simple solution to keeping things nice and breezy in your tourer.

Second on our list is a product from a company we’ve featured numerous times on Caravan Helper, Streetwize. They are very popular among caravanners for developing and manufacturing high-quality and ingenious caravanning accessories. Including this 12v metal fan. Similarly, to the above, it can be easy connected to the cigarette lighter socket in your car or a similar 12v socket in your caravan. It features a dual speed setting and has a very stylish metallic chrome finish that not only means it is portable and practical but aesthetically pleasing too.

3. PK Green Portable 12 Volt for Caravan

price check on amazon

Next we have another great fan, this time by a company called PK Green. This comes with 3 different adjustable speed settings, a 60-minute timer and features a 12v DC plug. The cord is 1.5-metres in length and there are crocodile clips to help set it up wherever you want. Although it’s a little pricier than the models above, we think this is a great option if you’re looking for a fan with an actual plug.

As an added bonus it can actually be powered by a solar panel, which you can actually buy online along with it as a combination purchase. Failing that you can also power it directly from a 12v battery. Both are great options if you are trying to limit the amount of power you use from the leisure battery in your tourer.

From the same manufacturer as the above item, PK Green, we have this more robust and expensive solution for keeping the air inside your tourer fresh and cool, no matter the weather outside. This is powered by a 40-watt solar panel, that comes with the fan and features a mains adaptor when you can’t rely on power from the sun alone. We really love the fact it’s set on a pedestal stand and it features 3 speed settings and even a 60-minute timer. If necessary, like the above, this model too can also be powered by a 12v battery if you’re hoping to avoid hammering the power in your leisure battery.

Although we’re not really a site to play favourites, if we did have to highlight one in particular it would be this just for the build quality, the solar power option and the fact it comes with 3 speed settings. It doesn’t hurt that it looks good too.

Although having said that, we are quite fond of this option too, though we feel this is not as big, so it is pipped at the post by the larger model above in terms of the best. However, from The One Store, this is a good all-round solution to hot and muggy air inside your tourer or even towing vehicle when you are on the road during summer. For 8-hours’ worth of cooling time, it uses less than 6-watts of power consumption. It also comes with 2 different fan speed settings and offered you the choice of 12v, making it suitable for cars and tourers, or 240v, when you are at home and want an alternative to your main air conditioning system. Perfect for home offices or if you like to workout from the comfort of your own home.

All you need to do is fill the small water tank with either ice cubes or cold water and turn it on and be amazed.

So, there you have it, folks. There is no need to compromise on comfort and having fresh and cool air to breathe in, on those hot summery days, or even if you don’t want to use the main air conditioner in your caravan or it’s not an especially nice day outside. By investing in one of the 12 volts fans for caravans highlighted above, you can stay comfortable and relaxed.

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